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Principles of Wound Management in the Clinical Environment

Case Abstraction – Short Acknowledgment Questions

Case Abstraction Scenario:

John Jones, age 32, is accepted to your breadth afterwards post-surgical lancing of a cutaneous abscess amid on his perineum. The abscess was acquired by MRSA bacteria. The abscess appropriate abatement and arising to abolish pus and debris.

Mr. Jones is beneath badge bouncer as he has been on adjourn at the adjacent Correctional Centre for the accomplished 2 canicule apprehension balloon accompanying to captivation an actionable drug. Mr. Jones has a history of IV heroin use and homelessness. He states that he aftermost acclimated heroin “about 4 canicule ago”. Mr. Jones’s medical history reveals that he has ahead been accepted to hospital for abasement and a suicide attempt. His claret tests alternate absolute for Hepatitis C. Insulin levels are aural the accustomed ambit and chest X ray alternate clear. His BMI is 20kg/m2, weight is 65kg and acme 180cm.

You apprehend the surgeon’s post-operative instructions:

Wound atrium to be dressed circadian with Betadine-soaked cast packing

Mr. Jones is visited by the anguish administration assistant who accurate the afterward in his notes:

Wound to alleviate by accessory intention.

Wound atrium measures 12mm connected x 11mm advanced and 10mm deep, extending to the subcutaneous tissue layer.

Wound bed consists of 100% granulation tissue; is malodorous and is arising ample amounts of haem aqueous exudate.

Based on this assessment, the anguish administration assistant disagreed with the surgeon’s post-operative anguish administration strategy.

Short Acknowledgment Questions:

Each catechism charge accept no beneath than 150 words and be referenced.

Read anniversary catechism anxiously and ensure you acknowledgment anniversary part.

Answer the afterward questions in affiliation to the advice provided in this case study:

  1. Define MRSA? Why is it antibacterial resistant? Discuss the complications this beastly may accept on anguish healing and alternative anatomy systems.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA) is a bacillus that causes infections in altered genitalia of the body. It tougher to amusement than best ache of Staphylococcus Aureus or Staph because it’s aggressive to some frequently acclimated antibiotics. Because MRSA is antibacterial aggressive it is accepted as a cool bug. MRSA is antibacterial aggressive because the bacilli has change to assure themselves from antibiotics. MRSA is no best acute to that antibiotic. The antibiotics that ahead would accept dead MRSA or stop them from multiplying, no best alive on the bacteria. Best generally account balmy infections on the skin, like sores, boils or blisters. But it can additionally account added austere infections or affect surgical wounds. It can affect the claret beck causing fatigue and fever. MRSA can account Endocarditis which is an infection of the lining heart, which usually affect the affection values. MRSA affects the lungs it can affect the bulk of oxygen that your anatomy is able to access and advance (Crisp, Douglas, Rebeiro, & Waters, 2016 p 631). .

  1. What appropriate infection ascendancy considerations would you apparatus for Mr Jones? In your acknowledgment accommodate the following

a) The alternation of infection

b) Standard/additional precaution

c) Education appropriate for Mr. Jones and the badge guard.

A carrier is a actuality who harbours a specific antibody (germ) after appreciable signs or affection of the disease, and has the abeyant to advance beastly to others. The easiest way to call how diseases are advance is by application the Alternation of Infection. There are six links to the alternation and all charge be affiliated calm for infections to spread.

  1. Causative abettor (those things which accomplish you sick, that is, the germs) bacterial, viruses, fungi, and parasites.
  2. Reservoir (storage armpit breadth the bacilli hangs out or lives) people, animals, plants, animals, plants, water, food, clay clothing, floors, countertops, bed linens, etc.
  3. Modes of escape ( agency the antibody leaves the backlog ) saliva, faces, and urine, fungus from adenoids and throat, bark lesions, beastly faeces and urine, pus or acquittal from anybody opening, diaphoresis and tears, semen, and blood.
  4. Mode of Alteration ( way the antibody moves by absolute acquaintance ) calmly , ecology surfaces, attenuated baptize and food, coughing, sneezing, kissing, animal intercourse, bites, scratches, and flies.
  5. Mode of Entry (ways the bacilli enters a new host) breath in droplets, aerosol or attenuated air; bistro attenuated food; bubbler attenuated water: assimilation through the skin; anatomy aperture – mouth, ear, nose, rectum and vagina; affecting calmly to aperture and break in the skin.
  6. Susceptible Host (a actuality for example, who has low resistance) people, animals, plants, birds, and insect.

If any one of the six links is burst the advance of infection will end for example, if you get affluence of rest, exercise and eat able-bodied the likelihood of acceptable a affected host is decreased. Addition archetype is if you use acceptable duke abrasion techniques. The change can be burst at the access of alteration (Crisp et al., 2016 pp623-629). Standard and added precautions would accommodate abrasion hands, cutting gloves, putting decay in chicken bag, cutting accessory and mask, antiseptic all accessories and abstain actual aqueous contact. Education appropriate for Mr. Jones, anguish affliction handing washing, toileting, abstain anguish and accomplish abiding bathrobe intact. Education appropriate for the badge bouncer ablution calmly and abrasion gloves aback accepting acquaintance with Mr Jones.

  1. What is a accessory ambition wound? Accommodate in your acknowledgment a description of primary and tertiary ambition wounds.

Secondary ambition occurs aback there is a greater amount of tissue loss, or with surgical anguish whose edges cannot calmly be brought aback together. With accessory ambition anguish edges are not approximated, granulation tissues charge be built. There is a greater amount of tissue loss. Additionally with accessory ambition there is a college accident of infection, best healing times, and arresting scarring (Crisp et al., 2016 p693). The simplest and fastest blazon of anguish cease is referred to accept primary intention. Primary ambition absorb re-epithelialization only, is use on apparent wounds, added wounds with able-bodied approximated edges. Primary ambition lower accident of infection, basal tissue loss, and basal scarring. Primary ambition wounds can be advice calm with sutures, staples, steri strips, etc. (Crisp et al., 2016 p693). Tertiary ambition wounds additionally accepted as delayed primary anguish cease is a aggregate of healing by accessory and primary ambition acclimated with attenuated wounds to abatement the accident of infections. The anguish is apple-pie and will be watched carefully for serval days. Aback the anguish is on its way to healing and appears to be clean, the anguish is bankrupt surgically (Crisp et al., 2016 p693).

  1. There are three overlapping phases in anguish healing accepted as the inflammatory, proliferative and maturation phases. Explain anniversary of these physiological processes.

Inflammation (0-3 days)

The deepening appearance of anguish healing is a vascular and cellular acknowledgment that removes microbes, adopted bodies and dying tissue in alertness for anguish healing. The anarchic appearance is characterised by vasodilation, added capillary permeability, accompaniment activation and polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMN) and macrophage clearing to the wound. The access in claret breeze into the blood-soaked breadth produces erythema, oedema, calefaction and ache such as a anguish awareness (Crisp et al., 2016 p691).

Proliferation (2-24 days)

The admeasurement appearance is characterised by all-encompassing advance of epithelial cells, abasement by fibroblasts of collagen fibres in accidental patterns to anatomy the extracellular cast molecules and arena actuality and connected advance of claret argosy (Crisp et al., 2016 p692).

Maturation (24 canicule to 1 year)

The aggregate of fibronectin and collagen forms the capital extracellular cast molecules for the development of granulation tissue that eventually fills the wound. The endothelial buds access in vascularity in acknowledgment to the ample metabolic appeal of the adjustment tissue. The adjustment of collagen fibres in the anguish is random, disorganised, and has a gel-like bendability that gradually matures to anatomy cross-links which accommodate compactness backbone to the anguish (Crisp et al., 2016 p692).

  1. Wound Bed Alertness uses four attempt in the acronym T.I.M.E which provides a analytical access to the administration of wounds. Discuss what is meant by:
  1. Wound bed preparation

Wound-bed alertness is the administration of the anguish to advance anguish healing or to facilitate the capability of alternative ameliorative measures. Wound-bed alertness involves four axiological attempt which accommodate a analytical access to the administration of wounds by absorption on anniversary date of anguish healing – TIME:

  • Tissue administration -tissue abatement of non-viable tissue or backup of amiss tissue.
  • Inflammation and infection- ascendancy of infection or inflammation.
  • Moisture balance- alteration of boundless damp and blockage of desiccation.
  • Epithelial (edge) advancement-revision of the bend of the anguish to activate healing.

The TIME framework is a activating abstraction that can be translated into the activated administration of altered anguish types by utilising a standardised framework (Crisp et al., 2016 p692).

  1. T.I.M.E

Tissue management

The aboriginal footfall in anguish appraisal is to analysis the akin of tissue activity in the wound. If the tissue is (red) or blush (epithelializing) which agency the ambiance is accessory to accustomed anguish healing. Neurotic (black) or accoutrements (yellow) non-viable tissue will actualize the appropriate conditions, for bacilli advance and infection in the wound. Non-viable tissue can be abolish by surgical debridement (Crisp et al., 2016 p704).

Inflammation and infection

If there is bacilli in the anguish it can account infection or deepening which can adjournment the activity of anguish healing. In some cases, the infection may be activity threating. The bacilli may adjournment anguish healing causing it to releases toxins that accident tissue and access abode levels in the anguish (Crisp et al., 2016 p704).

Moisture balance

Wounds will alleviate bigger in a clammy environment. Aback the anguish is clammy the assumption endings become assure abbreviation the pain. The bark layers will adjustment at a faster amount which will aftermath beneath scarring than dry wounds. It is important to administer the damp levels of a wound. If the anguish has too abundant abode or too little abode it will baffle with the activity of anguish healing (Crisp et al., 2016 p705).

Epithelial (edge)

When a anguish commonly heals new bark beef will anatomy which are to edges and to the abject until the anguish the abutting up. In Epithelial (edge) abiding wounds this will not appear and the anguish will not close. For the anguish to abutting tissue viability, deepening and infection, and damp levels in the anguish needs to be abode (Crisp et al., 2016 p706).

  1. Why do you anticipate the anguish administration assistant disagrees with betadine-soaked cast packing as a bathrobe best for Mr Jones’s atrium wound? Support your acknowledgment with evidence-based research. (Check the account commodity in “additional resources” on Healing by Accessory Intention).

Betadine-soaked cast packing cannot cope with ample amounts abode by a anguish atrium and this can advance to surrounding peri- anguish bark acceptable macerated. Aback the cast dries out it will attach to the new granulation tissue this will account affliction and tissue accident aback the cast is remove, which may crave an analgesia above-mentioned to it actuality remove. Cast bathrobe will actualize a dry ambiance this may affect the admeasurement appearance of the anguish healing by not acceptance the clearing of fibroblasts beyond the anguish bed which will adjournment the cease of the wound. A anguish bed that is dry may advance to band basic which will arrest the clearing of epithelial beef beyond the anguish bed this will force the beef to acquisition addition way of brief beneath the band which will adjournment the anguish to heal. With cast dressings there can be a accident of fibres actuality larboard anchored in the anguish and the bathrobe change demography best to perform. Cast blazon bathrobe charge to be remoistened 3-hourly so the anguish bed armpit has the actual akin of damp (Cartlidge-Gann, 2017).

  1. Discuss one (1) abreast anguish administration activity for any anguish patient. Support your acknowledgment with evidence-based research. This could be a new dressing, vac systems, bastard or honey analysis or ANY new anguish strategy. Give both the advantages and disadvantages of your called therapy.

Maggot analysis or abecedarian analysis has been about for serval hundred years. Abecedarian analysis can be acclimated for debridement of wounds. Abecedarian analysis encompasses three process: debridement, ablution and advance of healing. The allowances of abecedarian analysis are a abridgement in anguish affliction and odour and promotes the healing activity with almost few ancillary effects. Abecedarian analysis is amount able analyze to complete anguish dressing. Addition advantage of abecedarian analysis is larvae are commonly activated for three days, which agency wounds are abashed beneath generally than accustomed bathrobe that should be change every one to two days. Abecedarian analysis can be agitated out in an outpatient and association ambience which is a added advantage. A abstraction was done at an outpatient anguish dispensary which appear that application abecedarian analysis on abiding wounds resulted in 62% abatement in charge for amputation. Abecedarian analysis is acclimated to amusement abiding wounds that are aggressive to the use of antibiotics. Larvae can annihilate bacilli from the anguish through assimilation and consecutive abasement aural their abdominal tract. The best accepted disadvantage of abecedarian analysis is patients and practitioners accept a abrogating acumen of abecedarian analysis due to it yuk factor. Patients with ischaemic wounds accept occasionally address affliction this may be account the larvae accept aciculate mouths hooks and spicules which they ballast themselves assimilate tissues (Abassi, 2017).

  1. What appulse will Mr Jones’s antecedent affairs accept on anguish healing? Consider affairs factors such as nutrition, IV biologic use, and potential/current co-morbidities.

Mr Jones has poor diet which will affect his anguish healing. Mr jones crave protein account protein that is crave will access aback a anguish is attendance due to amalgam of protein and to alter protein absent through anguish exudate. Carbohydrates should be absorb by Mr Jones this will ensure this will ensure there is abundant carbohydrates calories are actuality accommodate to additional protein from actuality breakable for energy. Fluids are important and Mr Jones charge ensure he break hydrated at all time to advice with anguish healing. Vitamins and minerals are additionally important, Vitamin C will advice with amalgam of collagen and in advancement immunise function. Vitamins A access fibroblast differentiation, collagen synthesis, anguish backbone and abbreviation infection which agency Vitamin A promotes anguish healing (Crisp et al., 2016 p698). Mr Jones is an IV biologic user, Mr Jones anguish may not alleviate because the biologic he is demography may affect his allowed system, his anguish may not abutting and he will be added susceptibility to infection (Cook, 2017). Homeless will be a agency in Mr Jones healing account he will not battery consistently and he will not change is anguish bathrobe as he should which will account his anguish to become infected.

  1. What nursing interventions could you put into abode to abetment Mr. Jones with the area of his wound, advancement and elimination?

Nursing interventions that should be put in abode explain to Mr Jones acceptable bark hygiene e.g. ablution thoroughly and pat dry. Advancement apple-pie dry bark provides a barrier to infection, patting bark dry instead of abrading reduces accident of dermal agony to brittle skin. Emphasized to Mr Jones the accent of able diet and fluids will advice with anguish healing. Accomplish abiding Mr Jones is not lying in the collapsed position and he moves every two hours. Aback Mr Jones goes to toilet explain to him he charge clean advanced to back. Encourage Mr Jones to ambulate this will advice to simulate accustomed mobility. Teach Mr Jones how to analyze an infection and how to booty any basic activity adjoin that problem. Properly dress Mr Jones anguish to advice accommodate the infection ( Twomey, 2013).


Abassi, L. (2017). Maggots in Medicine: Engineering the Perfect Critter. Retrieved 03 03, 2017, from

Cartlidge-Gann, L. (2017). Consider the accomplished patient, not aloof the hole: healing a anguish atrium by accessory intention. Retrieved 03 02, 2017, from

Cook, L. (2017). Wound affliction in patients with a history of intravenous biologic use. Retrieved 03 04, 2017, from

Crisp, J., Douglas, C., Rebeiro, G., & Waters, D. (2016). Potter & Perry’s fundamentals of nursing (5 ed.). Australia: Harcourt Publishers Group Pty.

Twomey, B. (2013). Wound care. Retrieved 03 05, 2017, from

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