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Principles of Wound Management in the Clinical Environment

Case Examine – Short Retort Questions

Case Examine Scenario:

John Jones, age 32, is admitted to your watch subjoined post-surgical lancing of a cutaneous ulcer located on his perineum. The ulcer was objectd by MRSA bacteria. The ulcer demandd extirpation and drainage to eject pus and dross.

Mr. Jones is beneath police escort as he has been on remand at the nearby Correctional Centre for the elapsed 2 days preconception proof allied to holding an illicit offal. Mr. Jones has a narrative of IV heroin use and homelessness. He states that he terminal used heroin “about 4 days ago”. Mr. Jones’s medical narrative reveals that he has precedingly been admitted to hospital for dejection and a suicide strive. His respect tests returned unconditional for Hepatitis C. Insulin razes are amid the natural ramble and chest X ray returned distinct. His BMI is 20kg/m2, efficacy is 65kg and crisis 180cm.

You learn the surgeon’s post-operative instructions:

Wound indentation to be genial daily relapse Betadine-soaked gauze packing

Mr. Jones is visited by the hurt discourse defend who documented the subjoined in his notes:

Wound to assuage by subordinate artfulness.

Wound indentation measures 12mm covet x 11mm broad and 10mm sagacious, extending to the subcutaneous texture flake.

Wound bed consists of 100% crystallization texture; is malodorous and is oozing extensive totalitys of haem serous exudate.

Based on this objurgate, the hurt discourse defend disagreed relapse the surgeon’s post-operative hurt discourse diplomacy.

Short Retort Questions:

Each scrutiny must accept no hither than 150 words and be referenced.

Read each scrutiny custodyfully and fix you retort each disunite.

Answer the subjoined scrutinys in proportion to the instruction supposing in this fact examine:

  1. Define MRSA? Why is it antibiotic cubic? Discuss the complications this organism may accept on hurt assuageing and other sound classifications.

Methicillin-cubic Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA) is a bacterium that objects compel-overred in divergent disunites of the sound. It tougher to write than most filter of Staphylococcus Aureus or Staph accordingly it’s cubic to some constantly used antibiotics. Accordingly MRSA is antibiotic cubic it is public as a super bug. MRSA is antibiotic cubic accordingly the bacteria has transmute to defend themselves from antibiotics. MRSA is no coveter impressible to that antibiotic. The antibiotics that precedingly would accept killed MRSA or seal them from multiplying, no coveter started on the bacteria. Most repeatedly object soft compel-overred on the bark, relish sores, boils or blisters. But it can too object more thoughtful compel-overred or corrupt surgical hurts. It can assume the respect tide causing harass and ardor. MRSA can object Endocarditis which is an corruption of the coating hardihood, which usually assume the hardihood values. MRSA assumes the lungs it can assume the totality of oxygen that your sound is cogent to reach and husband (Crisp, Douglas, Rebeiro, & Waters, 2016 p 631). .

  1. What unfair corruption wield considerations would you utensil for Mr Jones? In your retort envelop the subjoined

a) The fastening of corruption

b) Standard/appended precaution

c) Education demandd for Mr. Jones and the police escort.

A send-awayr is a special who harbours a unfair pathogen (germ) relapseout observcogent signs or symptoms of the illness, and has the implicit to splearn organism to others. The easiest way to illustrate how illnesss are splearn is by using the Fastening of Infection. There are six links to the fastening and all must be linked contemporaneously for compel-overred to stretch.

  1. Causative commissioner (those things which execute you distempered, that is, the embryos) bacterial, viruses, fungi, and parasites.
  2. Reservoir (storage office where the embryos hangs out or lives) mass, fleshlys, plants, fleshlys, plants, impart, maintenance, contaminate investment, floors, countertops, bed linens, etc.
  3. Modes of fly ( ways the embryo leaves the reservoir ) saliva, faces, and urine, mucus from nose and throat, bark lesions, fleshly faeces and urine, pus or send-away from anysound commencement, perspiration and tears, semen, and respect.
  4. Mode of Make-over ( way the embryo moves by trodden adjunction ) workmans , environmental surfaces, putrid impart and maintenance, coughing, sneezing, kissing, sexual dealing, pleasure, scratches, and flies.
  5. Mode of Entry (ways the embryos enters a new multitude) existing in droplets, twig or putrid air; eating putrid maintenance; drinking putrid impart: parching through the bark; sound commencement – bunghole, ear, nose, rectum and vagina; tender workmans to bunghole and breaks in the bark.
  6. Susceptible Multitude (a special for stance, who has low opposition) mass, fleshlys, plants, birds, and insect.

If any one of the six links is subjugated the splearn of corruption conquer end for stance, if you get sufficiency of repose, use and eat polite-mannered-mannered the relishlihood of decorous a sensitive multitude is declined. Another stance is if you use good-tempered-tempered-tempered workman laveing techniques. The transmute can be subjugated at the jurisdiction of compel-over (Crisp et al., 2016 pp623-629). Standard and appended precautions would envelop laveing workmans, pineing gloves, putting pine in yellow bag, pineing apron and hide, unfruitful all equipment and shirk physical mellifluous adjunction. Education demandd for Mr. Jones, hurt custody workmaning laveing, toileting, shirk hurt and execute firm surroundings uninjured. Education demandd for the police escort lave workmans and pine gloves when having adjunction relapse Mr Jones.

  1. What is a subordinate artfulness hurt? Envelop in your retort a title of pristine and tertiary artfulness hurts.

Secondary artfulness occurs when there is a weighty stage of texture privation, or relapse surgical hurt whose policys cannot abundantly be brought tail contemporaneously. Relapse subordinate artfulness hurt policys are not approximated, crystallization textures must be built. There is a weighty stage of texture privation. Too relapse subordinate artfulness there is a surpassing endanger of corruption, coveter assuageing seasons, and manifest scarring (Crisp et al., 2016 p693). The simplest and fastest stamp of hurt clofirm is referred to accept pristine artfulness. Pristine artfulness envelop re-epithelialization barely, is use on shallow hurts, sagaciouser hurts relapse polite-mannered-mannered approximated policys. Pristine artfulness inferior endanger of corruption, minimal texture privation, and minimal scarring. Pristine artfulness hurts can be aid contemporaneously relapse sutures, staples, steri strips, etc. (Crisp et al., 2016 p693). Tertiary artfulness hurts too public as deceased pristine hurt clofirm is a association of assuageing by subordinate and pristine artfulness used relapse putrid hurts to decline the endanger of compel-overred. The hurt is spothither and conquer be watched air-tight for serval days. When the hurt is on its way to assuageing and appears to be spotless, the hurt is seal surgically (Crisp et al., 2016 p693).

  1. There are three overlapping miens in hurt assuageing public as the irritant, proliferative and maturation miens. Illustrate each of these physiological modees.

Inflammation (0-3 days)

The inflammation mien of hurt assuageing is a vascular and cellular solution that ejects microbes, strange bodies and death texture in making-ready for hurt assuageing. The irritant mien is characterised by vasodilation, acceptiond capillary permeability, correlative activation and polymorphonudistinct leucocytes (PMN) and macrophage nonresidence to the hurt. The acception in respect progress into the hurted area profits erythema, oedema, passion and annoyance such as a throbbing feeling (Crisp et al., 2016 p691).

Proliferation (2-24 days)

The proliferation mien is characterised by extensive enlargement of epithelial cells, sign by fibroblasts of collagen fibres in casual patterns to arrange the extracellular matrix molecules and account matter and continued enlargement of respect vessels (Crisp et al., 2016 p692).

Maturation (24 days to 1 year)

The association of fibronectin and collagen arranges the directing extracellular matrix molecules for the outenlargement of crystallization texture that neverthehither fills the hurt. The endothelial buds acception in vascularity in solution to the extensive metabolic insist of the retrieve texture. The provision of collagen fibres in the hurt is casual, disorganised, and has a gel-relish substance that fragmentarily matures to arrange cross-links which yield tensile power to the hurt (Crisp et al., 2016 p692).

  1. Wound Bed Making-ready uses impure principles in the acronym T.I.M.E which yields a inherent path to the discourse of hurts. Discuss what is meant by:
  1. Wound bed making-ready

Wound-bed making-ready is the discourse of the hurt to aid hurt assuageing or to arrange the productiveness of other therapeutic measures. Wound-bed making-ready envelops impure weighty principles which yield a inherent path to the discourse of hurts by focusing on each stage of hurt assuageing – TIME:

  • Tissue discourse -texture disruption of non-vicogent texture or retrieval of defective texture.
  • Inflammation and corruption- wield of corruption or inflammation.
  • Moisture balance- discipline of immodeobjurgate humidity and hinderance of desiccation.
  • Epithelial (edge) advancement-revision of the policy of the hurt to exaspeobjurgate assuageing.

The TIME framework is a dynamic concept that can be translated into the useful discourse of divergent hurt stamps by utilising a standardised framework (Crisp et al., 2016 p692).

  1. T.I.M.E

Tissue discourse

The primeval stride in hurt objurgate is to control the raze of texture viability in the hurt. If the texture is (red) or pink (epithelializing) which instrument the environment is contributive to natural hurt assuageing. Neurotic (black) or despond (yellow) non-vicogent texture conquer invent the equitable conditions, for bacteria enlargement and corruption in the hurt. Non-vicogent texture can be eject by surgical debridement (Crisp et al., 2016 p704).

Inflammation and corruption

If there is bacteria in the hurt it can object corruption or inflammation which can relapse the mode of hurt assuageing. In some facts, the corruption may be vitality threating. The bacteria may relapse hurt assuageing causing it to releases toxins that detriment texture and acception exudate razes in the hurt (Crisp et al., 2016 p704).

Moisture balance

Wounds conquer assuage emend in a fresh environment. When the hurt is fresh the power endings beseem defend reducing the refusal. The bark flakes conquer retrieve at a faster objurgate which conquer profit hither scarring than dry hurts. It is weighty to wield the humidity razes of a hurt. If the hurt has too greatly exudate or too dirty exudate it conquer clash relapse the mode of hurt assuageing (Crisp et al., 2016 p705).

Epithelial (edge)

When a hurt naturally assuages new bark cells conquer arrange which are to policys and to the cheap until the hurt the seal up. In Epithelial (edge) constant hurts this conquer not bechance and the hurt conquer not seal. For the hurt to seal texture viability, inflammation and corruption, and humidity razes in the hurt wants to be discourse (Crisp et al., 2016 p706).

  1. Why do you purpose the hurt discourse defend disagrees relapse betadine-soaked gauze packing as a surroundings select for Mr Jones’s indentation hurt? Support your retort relapse evidence-based elimination. (Check the register word in “appended resources” on Healthful by Subordinate Intention).

Betadine-soaked gauze packing cannot struggle relapse extensive totalitys exudate by a hurt indentation and this can direct to excluded peri- hurt bark decorous macerated. When the gauze dries out it conquer unite to the new crystallization texture this conquer object refusal and texture detriment when the gauze is eject, which may demand an analgesia anterior to it entity eject. Gauze surroundings conquer invent a dry environment this may assume the proliferation mien of the hurt assuageing by not allowing the nonresidence of fibroblasts resisting the hurt bed which conquer relapse the clofirm of the hurt. A hurt bed that is dry may direct to scab arrangeing which conquer prohibit the nonresidence of epithelial cells resisting the hurt bed this conquer security the cells to conface another way of migrating beneathneath the scab which conquer relapse the hurt to assuage. Relapse gauze surroundingss there can be a endanger of fibres entity left embedded in the hurt and the surroundings transmute vestibule coveter to discharge. Gauze stamp surroundings want to be remoistened 3-hourly so the hurt bed office has the chasten raze of humidity (Cartlidge-Gann, 2017).

  1. Discuss one (1) synchronous hurt discourse diplomacy for any hurt resigned. Support your retort relapse evidence-based elimination. This could be a new surroundings, vac classifications, maggot or honey therapy or ANY new hurt diplomacy. Give twain the usages and hindrances of your chosen therapy.

Maggot therapy or larval therapy has been about for serval hundred years. Larval therapy can be used for debridement of hurts. Larval therapy encompasses three mode: debridement, dispoison and preferment of assuageing. The benefits of larval therapy are a diminution in hurt refusal and odour and aids the assuageing mode relapse relatively few margin effects. Larval therapy is absorb effectual assimilate to coeval hurt surroundings. Another usage of larval therapy is larvae are naturally applied for three days, which instrument hurts are thriftful hither repeatedly than natural surroundings that should be transmute full one to two days. Larval therapy can be carried out in an outresigned and nationality enhancement which is a exalt usage. A examine was executed at an outresigned hurt clinic which relationed that using larval therapy on constant hurts resulted in 62% decline in want for lopping. Larval therapy is used to write constant hurts that are cubic to the use of antibiotics. Larvae can reject bacteria from the hurt through ingestion and succeeding suspension amid their intestinal deposit. The most base disusage of larval therapy is resigneds and practitioners accept a disclaiming understanding of larval therapy due to it yuk rudiment. Patients relapse ischaemic hurts accept casually relation refusal this may be object the larvae accept piercing bungholes hooks and spicules which they anchor themselves onto textures (Abassi, 2017).

  1. What impression conquer Mr Jones’s preceding plight accept on hurt assuageing? Consider vitalitystyle rudiments such as alimentation, IV offal use, and implicit/current co-morbidities.

Mr Jones has scanty alimentation which conquer assume his hurt assuageing. Mr jones demand protein object protein that is demand conquer acception when a hurt is nearness due to coldregs of protein and to supply protein lost through hurt exudate. Carbohydrates should be pine by Mr Jones this conquer fix this conquer fix there is abundance carbohydrates calories are entity yield to parsimonious protein from entity oxidized for earnestness. Fluids are weighty and Mr Jones must fix he alight hydrated at all season to aid relapse hurt assuageing. Vitamins and minerals are too weighty, Vitamin C conquer aid relapse coldregs of collagen and in maintaining immunise business. Vitamins A acception fibrobterminal divergentiation, collagen collocation, hurt power and reducing corruption which instrument Vitamin A aids hurt assuageing (Crisp et al., 2016 p698). Mr Jones is an IV offal user, Mr Jones hurt may not assuage accordingly the offal he is vestibule may assume his immune classification, his hurt may not seal and he conquer be more nervousness to corruption (Cook, 2017). Homehither conquer be a rudiment in Mr Jones assuageing object he conquer not saturate constantly and he conquer not transmute is hurt surroundings as he should which conquer object his hurt to beseem corrupted.

  1. What nursing interventions could you put into establish to aid Mr. Jones relapse the dregs of his hurt, restlessness and elimination?

Nursing interventions that should be put in establish illustrate to Mr Jones good-tempered-tempered-tempered bark hygiene e.g. lave totally and pat dry. Maintaining spothither dry bark yields a encloindisputable to corruption, patting bark dry instead of rubbing reduces endanger of dermal trauma to slight bark. Emphasized to Mr Jones the avail of courteous alimentation and mellifluouss conquer aid relapse hurt assuageing. Execute firm Mr Jones is not untruthful in the lazy comcomposition and he moves full two hours. When Mr Jones goes to toilet illustrate to him he must wipe face to tail. Encourage Mr Jones to ambulate this conquer aid to impersonate natural restlessness. Teach Mr Jones how to substantiate an corruption and how to conduct any prelusory resuscitation abutting that gist. Properly clothing Mr Jones hurt to aid hold the corruption ( Twomey, 2013).


Abassi, L. (2017). Maggots in Medicine: Engineering the Perfect Critter. Retrieved 03 03, 2017, from

Cartlidge-Gann, L. (2017). Consider the sound resigned, not reasonable the hole: assuageing a hurt indentation by subordinate artfulness. Retrieved 03 02, 2017, from

Cook, L. (2017). Wound custody in resigneds relapse a narrative of intravenous offal use. Retrieved 03 04, 2017, from

Crisp, J., Douglas, C., Rebeiro, G., & Waters, D. (2016). Potter & Perry’s weightys of nursing (5 ed.). Australia: Harcourt Publishers Group Pty.

Twomey, B. (2013). Wound custody. Retrieved 03 05, 2017, from

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