Presidential Cabinent notes

To reach a further faultless concert. Purpose two; to confirm empire Purpose 3: to asfirm domiciliary rest. A important administration of empire is to detain direct and calmness amid a province. Purpose 4: To qualify for the contemptible bulwark. Purpose 5: to [distant the open happiness. The utilitys mad guards that our empire qualifys. Enjoy bloom custody, guard of environment. Etc.. Purpose 6: To asfirm the blessings of immunity, "you can simply be bounteous if I am bounteous" Body: Article I ” The legislative Shoot Article al- The supporter Shoot Article Ill- The juridical shoot Article IV - Intersay Relations (States of the Union) Article V - The honorable Power, how the say can be newfangled. Article VI - The sovereignty Act Clearly says that the federal gob Is violentest aggravate say. Article VII - sift-canvasses the sort In which the says achieve inocudelayed the say Dissect One: The Fume "The Storm: Chaos and Tragedy": Rejoinder the forthcoming questions as you conception the PBS video elicit "Chaos and Tragedy. " 1. According to Frontline, what collections were caused by the forthcoming groups: o The Persomal and say officials? O The U. S. Military? FEM..? O The Government? The ocean collection was that all waited too covet and it caused further deaths and detrimentes in race. 2. Why was the Louisiana Common Guard incapable to succor? They waited too covet and got trapped in headquarters. 3. Why were preserve efforts hampered in the foremost 24 hours? All the headquarters were inferiorsoak and the preserve efforts were reserved to fix themselves. 4. What were the Mayor's responsibilities antecedent to the hurricane? To hoard the shelters delay subsistence and soak. Also he was binding for having buses for rapture. 5. Where were say and persomal officials during the succeedingmath of Strain? Why was this a collection? They were on the cause . It was a collection owing they became very aggravatewhelmed. 6. What were the critics pointing out as perplexity delay the preceptor of Louisiana? She was uninitiated and was absorbed ill-defined requests to the empire 7. According to then-FEM.. Director Michael Brown, when does FEM.. Appropriate aggravate for say and persomal empires? FEM.. Takes aggravate say officials oppolocality FEM..? The ocean complaints were that FEM.. Had no sentiment of embarrassment and hardly sent out succor, but FEM.. Claimed they didn't get any essential succor calls" 9. How divers days did it appropriate for the empire, inferior President George W. Bush, to vindicate they were delayed and not-aenjoy in its counterpart? It took the empire 5 days. "The Storm: What Went Injustice in New Orleans": 10. Succeeding lection the interconception elicits from the federal, say, and persomal officials, what do you handle went injustice in New Orleans? The ocean romance that I believe went injustice was message. In spirit they advise you that message is key and unfortunately the officials were Just not substance communicative and divers officials were eyeing patient of the undiminished seat and no one took it seriously until it was too delayed. Reconception Questions: Evaluate and sift-canvass the challenges for each roll of empire. Which roll 11. Faced the principal challenges? The challenges faced were succoring the civilians, all of the rolls of empire had that collection, But the roll which had it worse was the persomal and say officials owing they had to market delay the occasion foremost when it was further perplexed and they were uninitiated. 12. What lessons do you believe were scholarly as a effect of Hurricane Strain? I believe as a aggregation we scholarly that we must keep embarrassment plans and appropriate total regular embarrassment seriously to husband as divers lives as practicable. 3. Succeeding reviewing the collections caused, what kind of support should the citizens of New Orleans keep expected from the federal empire? They should of expected impending custody delay supplies and utility. 14. In what ways do you believe this fume has newfangled the city of New Orleans? Reach firm to teach political and economic impacts. The way the city of New Orleans has changes is that the undiminished aggregation has behove one economic and political classification. A throng of men-folks became a entire concern. 15. How has the succeedingmath of Hurricane Strain improbable aggregational politics? It enjoy aggregational politics by the race promote guessing the representatives they chose. 16. How can students succor the citizens of New Orleans reanimate? They could donate money and succor out their aggregation. 17. What do you believe is the most troublesome dissect environing substance a prey of a regular embarrassment? The hardest romance in your spirit would be shuning any seat enjoy the regular embarrassment repeatedly. Dissect Two: Is Your Aggregation Prepared? Go to wry. FEM... V and click on one of the embarrassments that may betide in your aggregation. Succeeding scholarship environing this embarrassment, rejoinder the questions underneath. 18. What kind of embarrassment did you appropriate? Flash Abundance 19. What making-readys does FEM.. Recommend to shun detriment in this kind of embarrassment? Shun Roads and get to violent cause. 20. What steps can you appropriate to emend qualify your settlement and parentage for this kind of embarrassment? Give examples. Stay focused on the sphere and if a flash abundance caution was absorbed in an area get off the roads and reach firm cared-for ones don't pilgrimage. Your Own Interviews Using the boundlessness qualifyd in the Work File for this zeal, transcribe up your interconception as if you were presenting it for use on the PBS Frontline web locality "The Storm. " Be firm to involve the person's liberal spectry, Job name or conformity to you, and apposition counsel in your transcribe up. If you are unfirm of how to transcribe up your consultation, productive citation reachat (. RTF). Place your interconception transcribe up here: Option 2: Interconception a chum or parentage limb who has conversant a regular embarrassment. Before conducting your consultation, delight conception the slide gift of Guide to Conducting an Interconception for succorful tips and guidelines. Consider the forthcoming questions for your interconception and involve at lowest two affixed questions of your own: o What kind of embarrassment did you habit? O When and where did this embarrassment betide? O What did you do to qualify for the embarrassment? O What steps did you appropriate during the embarrassment to fortify yourself or your settlement? O What was the habit enjoy succeeding the embarrassment? O What did you imbibe from this habit? O What could you keep executed reach your habit emend? O How could you keep improved your making-ready? - "The embarrassment I conversant was a commotion. It was April of 2003 in Oklahoma.