Presentation Outline and PowerPoint slides

As a younger superintendent for your construction, you’ve been clarified to embark the construction’s new recycling trial.  As segregate of the “Think Green” leadership, you must confer a 10-15 microscopic induction to the all workforce of 75-80 employees, and you get use not fewer than three PowerPoint slides to paint and subscribe to the induction’s usefulness. Your director has already engenderd an Office of Recycling Management, but now you must urge your inventoryeners of the concern of recycling to elevate a independent copy of your association in the national commonwealth.  Explain how reducing, reusing, and recycling can succor your association, your commonwealth, and the environment by shy currency, enthusiasm, and spontaneous media. You must engender an plan for this induction, including superior headings for your induction, misrecord, and at smallest three ocean sharp-ends.  Under each ocean sharp-end you should inventory at smallest two subheadings.  Then you must engender three PowerPoint slides that get totality your induction.