Presentation for humn 330 – values and ethics


I bear an Ethical Research Endowment assignment due on June 13, 2020 for Humanities plan (Values and Ethics). I bear done perfectly a bit of product on it already. I bear an sketch, and it does claim 5 resources (see strong instruments - References are in the sketch and PP) from the university library (intervening in attachments). I bear intervening this in my sketch (see strong finish - sketch). I bear as-well-behaved put concertedly a gathering of PowerPoint slides as courteous-behaved-behaved (as-well-behaved strong - PowerPoint). I am husk of floating into a occasion crunch though. This design is due on Saturday (June 13), but I bear not been cogent to mitigate or put this concertedly into a last endowment. I as-well-behaved bear to add a expression-balance that lasts environing 10 minutes in the PowerPoint. I bear not prompt anything for the expression-balance divorce as courteous-behaved. If you can acceleration me delay this divorce, that would be wide too (I get archives my expression-balance on the slides). I did hold some feedback on my sketch. It was amiable counsel, but needs to be unconfused rectify (see strong instrument - Endowment Sketch Example). As-well-behaved see strong finish (Ethical Research Endowment for HUMN 330 - Values and Ethics) for design details.

This is a authority top endowment delay expression balance embedded. I get do the expression-over. The subject I chose is: 

Topic: Using Drones
Presentation Issue/Question:  Is it ethical for the United States to abide its use of drone strikes aloof?

Please see the attachments for details.