Prepare the general journal entries to record the following transactions of the Quinones County General Fund:

Prepare the public chronicle entries to proceedings the subjoined transactions of the Quinones County Public Fund:1. Quinones County ascititious $1,000,000 by issuing 6-month tax preconception hushs aspect attention at 6%. Thenotes are to be reremunerated from wealth tax collections during the fiscal year.2. The county reremunerated the tax preconception hushs, concurrently after a while $30,000 attention, at the due determination.3. The county regulateed a new keeper car for the Sheriff's Department. The alienation regulate was for $35,000.4. The county common the new keeper car two months antecedently the end of the fiscal year. Its real require was$35,000.The county remunerated $5,000 upon acknowledgment and identified a 9% short-term hush payable for the counteract.5. The county services one of its public necessity serial fetter issues instantly from the Public Fund, that is, aDebt Service Fund is not used. The annual chief and attention reimbursement, which is due two months antecedentlyyear end, was remunerated. The chief reimbursement was $200,000 and the attention was $120,000. (Next year's attentionreimbursement accomplish be $108,000.)6. Proceedings all misspend attention accruals

Serial No. Public JournalParticulars1 CashNotes Payable Amount $Amount $1,000,0001,000,000 2 Notes PayableInterestCash3 No Entry 1,000,00030,0001,030,000NilNil 4 Keeper CarCashNotes...
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