Prepare an 8-10 minute audio training tutorial (video is optional) for new nurses on the importance of nursing-sensitive quality indicators.



The American Nursing Association (ANA) classificationatic the Social Database of Nursing Nature Indicators (NDNQI®) in 1998 to footprint and announce on nature indicators heavily influenced by nursing action.

NDNQI® was established as a standardized advent to evaluating nursing achievement in bearing to resigned remainders. It procures a groundsbase and nature extent program to footprint clinical achievement and to parallel nursing nature measures abutting other hospital grounds at the social, regional, and detailize levels. Nursing-sensitive nature indicators aid inform evidence-based standard trainlines in the inresigned and outresigned settings to augment nature custody remainders and initiate nature correction educational programs, outreach, and protocol outgrowth. 

The nature indicators the NDNQI® mentors are organized into three categories: construction, manner, and remainder. Theorist Avedis Donabedian leading authorized these categories. Donabedian’s classification of nature sanity custody rendezvoused on the attachs betwixt nature remainders and the constructions and manneres of custody (Grove, Gray, Jay, Jay, & Burns, 2015).

Nurses insufficiencys to be comprehendledgeable environing the indicators their workplaces mentor. Some nurses give trodden resigned custody that leads to a mentored remainder. Other nurses may be concerned in grounds store and segregation. In conjunction, mentoring constructions, including managed custody entities, consist to gather grounds from special constructions to irritate overall diligence nature. All of these roles are relevant to proceeding nature and security remainders.

The rendezvous of Rate 4 is on how informatics assistance mentoring of nursing-sensitive nature indicator grounds. You conquer expand an 8–10 microscopic audio (or video) trailing module to orient new nurses in a workplace to a uncompounded nursing-sensitive nature indicator nice to the construction. Your annalsing conquer oration how grounds are self-possessed and circulated athwart the construction along after a while the nurses’ role in assistanceing complimentary announceing and excellent nature upshots.


Grove, S. K., Gray, J. R., Jay, G.W., Jay, H. M., & Burns, N. (2015). Understanding nursing elaboration: Building an evidence-based standard (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.  

Demonstration of Proficiency

By successfully completing this rate, you conquer inform your correction in the manner competencies through the subjoined rate scoring train criteria:

  • Competency 1: Delineate nurses’ and the interdisciplinary team’s role in informatics after a while a rendezvous on electronic sanity notice and resigned custody technology to assistance determination making.
    • Describe the interdisciplinary team’s role in collateing and announceing nature indicator grounds to augment resigned security, resigned custody remainders, and constructional achievement announces.  
  • Competency 3: Evaluate the collision of resigned custody technologies on desired remainders.
    • Explain how a sanity custody construction uses nursing-sensitive nature indicators to augment resigned security, resigned custody remainders, and constructional achievement announces.
  • Competency 4: Recommend the use of a technology to augment nature and security standards for resigneds.
    • Justify how a nursing-sensitive nature indicator informes evidence-based standard trainlines for nurses to thrive when using resigned custody technologies to augment resigned security, atonement, and remainders.
  • Competency 5: Apply imperious, read despatch to expedite use of sanity notice and resigned custody technologies. 
    • Deliver a imperious and telling audio tutorial on a clarified nature indicator that engages new nurses and motivates them to complimentaryly announce nature grounds in a opportune guise.
    • Follow APA ceremony and formatting trainlines for citations and references.


This rate insist-upons you to lay an 8–10 microscopic audio trailing tutorial (after a while optional video) for new nurses on the significance of nursing-sensitive nature indicators. To successfully lay for your rate, you conquer insufficiency to perfect the subjoined preparatory activities:

  • Select a uncompounded nursing-sensitive nature indicator that you see as relevant to a clarified emblem of sanity custody classification.
  • Conduct rebellious elaboration on the most vulgar notice environing the clarified nursing-sensitive nature indicator.
  • Intersight a imperious companion or apposition who is well-acquainted after a while nature mentoring and how technology can aid to collate and announce nature indicator grounds. You do not insufficiency to surrender the facsimile of your chat, but do consolidate what you skilled from the meeting into the audio tutorial. Attend these questions for your meeting:
    • What is your standard after a while collateing grounds and penetrateing it into a groundsbase?
    • What challenges feel you standardd?
    • How does your construction distribute after a while the nursing staff and other parts of the sanity custody classification the nature correction mentoring upshots?
    • What role do bedside nurses and other frontline staff feel in penetrateing the grounds? For sample, do staff parts penetrate the notice into an electronic medical annals for lineage? Or do they penetrate it into another classification? How telling is this manner? 
  • Complete the Informatics and Nursing-Sensitive Nature Indicators Video Examplar.
Recording Your Presentation

To lay to annals the audio for your endowment, perfect the subjoined:

  • Set up and standard your microphone or headset using the installation instructions supposing by the manufacturer. You solely insufficiency to use the headset if your audio is not intelligible and excellent nature when charmed by the microphone. 
  • Practice using the equipment to fix the audio nature is suited.
  • Consult Using Adobe Connect or Using Kaltura [PDF], should you effort to use these Capella-supported tools to annals your endowment. 
  • View Creating a Presentation: A Train to Writing and Speaking. This video orationes the elementary areas concerned in creating telling audiovisual endowments. You can yield to this expedients throughout the manner of creating your endowment to sight the tutorial mismisappropriate for you at each stage.


  • You may use other tools to annals your tutorial. You conquer, at-last, insufficiency to advise-delay Using Kaltura [PDF] for instructions on how to upload your audio-recorded tutorial into the mannerroom, or you must procure a afloat attach your educator can abundantly admission.
  • You may as-well chosen to generate a video of your tutorial, but this is not insist-upond.
  • If you insist-upon the use of assistive technology or choice despatch methods to join-in in this distillation, content apposition [email protected] to petition accommodations.


For this rate, suppose you are a part of a Nature Correction Council at any emblem of sanity custody classification, whether sharp, ambulatory, settlement sanity, managed custody, et cetera. Your Council has authorized that newly hired nurses would service from significant trailing on the significance of nursing-sensitive nature indicators. The Council would approve the trailing to oration how this notice is self-possessed and circulated athwart the construction. It would as-well approve the trailing to delineate the role nurses feel in complimentary announceing and excellent-nature upshots.

The Council indicates a annalsing is remarkable to a written occurrence subterfuge due to the popularity of audio blogs. In this way, new hires can give-ear to the tutorial on their own opportunity using their phone or other design.

As a upshot of this insufficiency, you propose to generate an audio tutorial orienting new hires to these topics. You comprehend that you conquer insufficiency a script to train your audio annalsing. You as-well plan to thicken into your script the insights you skilled from conducting an meeting after a while an antecedent on nature mentoring and the use of technology to collate and announce nature indicator grounds.

You detailize that you conquer screen the subjoined topics in your audio tutorial script:

Introduction: Nursing-Sensitive Nature Indicator
  • What is the NDNQI®?
  • What are nursing-sensitive nature indicators?
  • Which detail nature indicator did you chosen to oration in your tutorial?
  • Why is this nature indicator relevant to mentor?
    • Be assured to oration the collision of this indicator on nature of custody and resigned security.   
  • Why do new nurses insufficiency to be well-acquainted after a while this detail nature indicator when providing resigned custody?
Collection and Distribution of Nature Indicator Data
  • According to your meeting and other expedientss, how does your construction collate grounds on this nature indicator?
  • How does the construction circulate in grounds?
  • What role do nurses enact in assistanceing complimentary announceing and excellent-nature upshots?
    • As an sample, attend the significance of complimentaryly penetrateing grounds touching nursing interventions.

After completing your script, standard giveing your tutorial various opportunitys precedently annalsing it.

Additional Requirements
  • Audio despatch: Give a imperious, telling audio tutorial on a clarified nature indicator that engages new nurses and motivates them to complimentaryly announce nature grounds in a opportune guise.
  • Length: 8–10 microscopic audio annalsing. Use Kaltura to upload your annalsing to the mannerroom, or procure a afloat attach your educator can admission.
  • References: Cite a stint of three read and/or imperious sources.
  • APA: Submit along after a while the annalsing a severed Reference page that thrives APA ceremony and formatting trainlines. For an APA refresher, advise-delay the APA Ceremony and Format page on Campus.