Practicum Journal Wk 5

  Each week you achieve consummate a Practicum Narrative record and Time Log that prompts you to image on and muniment your Practicum Experiences. Practicum Journal Continue munimenting your Practicum Experiences in your Practicum Journal. Image on your practicum habits and depict them to your Professional Goals and Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills that you verified in Week 1. Follow narrative record format and chosen any indisposition or unrepining….. E.g Reflect on a unrepining who presented delay a indisposition. Depict key signs and symptoms that were congruous delay this indisposition. If you diagnosed the unrepining delay the indisposition, depict your habit in effective the unrepining that she had the indisposition, as polite as the unrepining’s reaction to the idiosyncrasy. Explain how the idiosyncrasy sway application the unrepining’s society short-term and long-term. Include an explication of the unrepining’s medical truth, offal therapy and treatments, and follow-up regard. If you did not possess an occasion to evaluate a unrepining delay this contrast during the last four weeks, you may chosen a depictd contingency examine from a honorable origin or image on antecedent clinical habits.