practice in writing the annotated bibliography


This argument theme is prepared to aid you beseem accustomed delay how to annotate seasons.

After you entertain watched the video, "How to Transcribe an Annotated Bibliography,"please finished the subjoined tasks:

Please vestibule the season, “The CSI Result at University: Forensic Science Students' Television Viewing and Perceptions of Ethical Issue," by Roslyn Weaver, Yenna Salamonson, Jane Koch, and Glenn Porter.

This season is in the e-reserves individuality of your collocate.  You can vestibule the season by leading the subjoined steps:

  • click Content
  • select Class Resources
  • select eReserves
  • select the icon for eReserves in the intermediate of your page.
  • in the roll of items that appears, fix the season and download it

After vestibuleing the season, finished an commentary of this season as if you were because it for a commencement in a pamphlet.  In individualization, please unravel the instrument titled, "Sample_annotation_CSI_at_University_391_model.pdf," which is rolled in Content for Week 1.  That instrument provides an illustration of how to annotate an season for congruity assignment #1 in this collocate.

Please finished the subjoined in responding to this argument thread:

1. Roll the season in APA format, as the video describes.

2. Transcribe a 100-to-150-word summary/critique of the season in which you not only summarize the season but so voicelessness any strengths or weaknesses you meet in it.  In individualization, declaration whether it allure be a potential season for an essay on the theme of the CSI result.

Your commentary thus should comprise the subjoined:

  • Focus of the con-over (~ 1-2 sentences)
  • Conclusion(s) of the con-over (~ 1-2 sentences)
  • Analysis of the con-over (e.g., any strengths or weaknesses? Any fiction that was chiefly remarkable/helpful?) (~ 1-2 sentences)
  • Its relationship to exploration on the CSI Result (~ 1-2 sentences)

You allure not necessarily transcribe about the "CSI Effect" for your dependence of any of your congruity assignments.  However, this use is prepared to aid you beseem accustomed delay rolling a commencement in APA format and delay congruity a precarious commentary for it.