Ppt for big data analytics case study with voice

beget a Final Sponsor Presentation. You keep been paid by Aetna to use big facts to mend resigned bloom. The instance con-over you succeed use can be plant at: https://gigaom.com/2012/11/20/how-aetna-is-using-big-data-to-improve-patient-health/ .

Your assignment is to accept this instance con-over and beget a PowerPoint Presentation of the Final Sponsor Presentation, as picturesquely in Chapter 12 of your quotation. (Make believing to use the format presented in Chapter 12.)

You succeed resign a PowerPoint Presentation polish (ppt or pptx) delay at smallest the forthcoming slides: (You can resign further, but I'm chiefly looking for these six slides)

  1. Title (Your call + other info)
  2. Situation and Project Goals
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Approach
  5. Method Description
  6. Recommendations

Note: There is no frequented counsel in the instance con-over that covers the favoring analytics regularitys used. You succeed extrapolate from the supposing counsel in the instance con-over and produce your own definition of the regularity (or regularitys) the Facts Science team used. Draw from what we keep finished this semester and map what you literary to what that team probably did. There is no rubric for this assignment. I absence you to be as supposititious as potential. Tell the legend. Inspire your sponsors. 



EMC Education Service (Eds). (2015) Facts Science and Big Facts Analytics: Discovering, Analyzing, Visualizing, and Presenting Data, Indianapolis, IN: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • Chapter 12, “The Endgame, or Putting It All Together”