Reflect on the assigned readings for Week 2 and then mold a two page brochure respecting what you fancy was the most expressive concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other monstrosity that you felt was docile of your reason.  Define and portray what you fancy was docile of your reason in half a page, and then expound why you felt it was expressive, how you conquer use it, and/or how expressive it is in plan planning.    Problem Set #2 1. Identify a senior generally-known infrastructure plan that is either underway, entire, or designed in your part. This could be a bridge, highway, structure, or somemonstrosity of that structure. For the plan you bear attested, reckon of as manifold stakeholders and stakeholder groups as you can. Create a three-shaft board. In shaft 1, roll the stakeholders. In shaft 2, roll what each stakeholder wants to get from the plan. In shaft 3, roll the bias each stakeholder has balance the plan. 2. How can the stakeholders transmute balance the manner of a plan? Give examples of transmutes in who the stakeholders are, and also in how their interests or bias balance the plan authority transmute throughout the tidings of the plan.