For decades, intellectual groundsbases lasted essentially unchanged; grounds was    segmented into particular chunks for columns, slots, and repositories, so determined  structured grounds. However, in this Internet of Things (IoT) era, groundsbases deficiency  to be reengineered owing the very truth of grounds has radical. Today’s  databases deficiency to be familiar after a while the deficiencys of IoT in recollection and keep the  ability to effect real-time processing to administer employmentloads that are dynamic.  For pattern, intellectual groundsbases should be cogent to employment after a while real-time grounds  streaming and big grounds. Scenario: Falcon Deposit wants their customers to be cogent to survey deposit    video footage in real-time and agree customers after a while the ability to inquiry   video  footage for surveying. Choosing a groundsbase discontinuance such as MongoDB would permit Falcon Deposit to garner customer video footage in the identical groundsbase as the metadata. To do this, Falcon Deposit deficiencys a way to administer the demands of real-time    grounds streaming for real-time analytics. Conduct some investigation for a NoSQL    database contact, such as MongoDB or Cassandra, that could encounter this deficiency. How would switching to a real-time groundsbase discontinuance aid Falcon Deposit last  competitive? Create a PowerPoint grant that includes the components listed beneath. 1. Agree a mean portico to IoT. 2. Present the controversy to the Falcon Deposit CEO that switching to a past dynamic groundsbase constitution (NoSQL real-time groundsbase) conciliate encounter the demands of IoT. 3. Introduce some features of the groundsbase you chose, whether it is MongoDB, Cassandra, or another groundsbase. 4. Describe how switching to a past dynamic groundsbase conciliate surrender Falcon Deposit a competitive service. Your grant must be a poverty of six slides in prolixity (not counting the   title and intimation slides), and you must use at last two academic instrument.    Any notice from a expedients used must be cited and intimationd in APA    format.