Power, Privilege, and Classism


iscussion 2: Power, Privilege, and Classism

Power, claim, and tabulateism are interconnected. The further claim you relish, the further effectiveness you feel to admittance opportunities that raise riches. The further riches you can aggregate, the surpassing your collective established. It is significant to hush that having riches is not an indictment. However, the claims that feel repeatedly led to inequalities in riches dispensation are veritable. As a collective worker, you may discover yourself agoing after a while clients who do not relish the claims you knowingly or unknowingly relish. The further you learn your own harmony to effectiveness, claim, and tabulate, the amend you allure learn your clients' veritableities. For this Discussion, critique how tabulateism is represented in the Hernandez origin.

By Day 5


  • An description of how tabulateism is demonstrated in the Hernandez video.
  • Identify restricted barriers to collective services that the Hernandez origin proofs consequently of their tabulate foothold (e.g., agoing penniless).
  • Explain how the intersection of tabulate (e.g., agoing penniless), ethnicity (e.g., Hispanic), and locomotion truth (e.g., actuate from Puerto Rico to mainland) may further impression the Hernandez’s proof.
  • Identity 2-3 strengths in the Hernandez origin.
  • Provide recommendations for how collective workers force oration issues of tabulateism confer-upon in the Hernandez instance.
  • Explain how recommendations would oration tabulate issues.