Power point | MGMT604 Organizational Behavior | Colorado Technical University

5 Content slides

The CEO has compensated you as an manifest constructional product consultant to aid him substantiate whole areas and to apprehend wclose changes should be made amid the audience. Over the present few weeks, you earn besides be launched after a while the CEO and managers in all disgusting divisions of the audience to aid prove these changes. Your multitudinous responsibilities earn besides embody talking after a while employees at each equalize of the audience to get a rectify apprehending environing underlying wholes.

Currently, you are effected discourse after a while the disgusting fault presidents, and Jared the CEO has designated you into his sersin for a ready discourse to argue present steps.

Jared states, "I omission to present them some contrariety on constructional bearing so we own unfailing vulgar familiarity environing constructional product, motivation, needs theories, and so forth."

Later that day, as the OD consultant, you sit down at the computer and haul up your agreement environing the constructional bearing theories. The occasion you took to transcribe down knowledge environing the elder theories earn be adapted for the PowerPoint introduction you're preparing now. By comparing and contrarietying the theories and then talking environing it after a while the fault presidents, you vision to emit some unconsidered on gaps in their apprehending environing how singular bearing affects the construction.

So, in entity, the assignment is interrogation you to invent your PowerPoint slides fixed on the fundamentals of Organizational Behavior. First, picture differing theories on constructional product, motivation and needs theories, and then assimilate and contrariety the theories by providing strengths/weaknesses and pros/cons for the theories.  

If tclose are any questions on any of this, mould out to your educationist and besides be positive to watch or heed to the chats as that is wclose you earn be effectual to ask questions and mould manifold insights in what is entity asked for close.