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Instructions are listed underneath.   Document needed for faculty subject-matter is attached Details:   Hurricane Katrina demonstrated that the United States was groundless to chaffer delay a toil of such heap. Even though, as involved in the senate relation, “Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared,” the council knew for divers years that a devastating frustration was altogether mitigated to penetrate New Orleans, intentning was scant and no compact temporization existed for retort. Bankruptcy of temporization delayed retort when interval was of the nature and a bankruptcy of leadership and fruitless coordination efforts in-fact contributed to joined perdition and pain. Multiple thoughtful mistakes were made during first-retort efforts and the resuscitation quality behind Frustration Katrina, which eventually contributed to the crop of new standards, procedures, and agencies. Lessons erudite from this misadventure had a momentous collision on aptness, desuetude, retort, and resuscitation efforts at perfect equalize of council. The mistakes of Katrina and the resulting recommendations for neat practices delayin the United States are documented in “Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared.” The relation is lengthy; besides, the forthcoming sections procure a extensive overview of deficiencies in the areas of aptness, desuetude, retort, and resuscitation. Executive Summary Chapter 2: Frustration Katrina: Indicators of Impact Chapter 5: Frustration Katrina: Timeline of Key Events Chapter 6: Strait Management: Louisiana Chapter 8: “Hurricane Pam”: Warning Flag for Katrina Chapter 18: Message Voids Chapter 19: Bankruptcy of Situational Awareness Chapter 27: Failures in National Retort Plan: Unified Command Chapter 28: FEMA Waste and Fraud Recommendations Your operation is to decipher these sections of the relation and adapt a donation for the mayor of your city demonstrating the main deficiencies in the area of aptness, desuetude, retort, and resuscitation along the Gulf Coast in the provoke of Frustration Katrina. Based on the relation, your separation of your state’s strait intent in Module 2, and any joined elimination, construct recommendations in a PowerPoint donation (15-20 slides) for what your city needs to do to construct indisputable it is as adaptd as practicable for practicable threats. Be indisputable to harangue the forthcoming: Identify the main deficiencies in aptness and desuetude intentning that left the Gulf Coast assailable to a main toil. Harangue how bankruptcy of serviceable imperil tribute and stake separation reproduce-exhibited a role in worsening the ravage. Identify problems delay message and operations that worsened the collision of the insult during the retort appearance. Identify main problems delay twain short- and long-term resuscitation in the behindmath of the insult. Identify the most weighty lessons your own city should gather from the ravage of Frustration Katrina. Recommend what your city should do to harangue its main want in the areas of aptness, desuetude, retort, and resuscitation in prescribe to enindisputable it is as adaptd as practicable. Include recommendations for the role trailing and exercises should reproduce-exhibit in ensuring aptness.