Power point and Discussion paper:

Read pages 275-277 of your text explaining Kohlberg's system of spiritual crop. 

Do elimination in other sources to procure you after a while a past in-depth face at the rates that are discussed. 

Make a capability top exhibition consisting of at least 15 slides explaining these rates and how your own name of spiritual rationalistic relates to Kohlberg's rates.

You earn own at last one slide explaining each rate and at last one slide giving an specimen of each rate.

You earn solution the aftercited questions encircling your own spiritual resolution making in your argument disquisition (using at last 500 words), after you own made your slide exhibition on Kohlberg's stages.

(1.)  Discuss your own spiritual resolution making and how it relates to these stages.  

(2.)  Do you compel spiritual resolutions at a incongruous rate now than you did at an antecedent top in your personality? Explain and procure an specimen of a spiritual resolution you made at an antecedent top in your personality. 

(3.)  Discuss a novel spiritual resolution that you made and explain how your name of spiritual rationalistic relates to Kohlberg's rate system of spiritual crop.