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  For this systematize, you succeed be completing the My Motivation  Presentation. This assignment is due Sunday, May 3rd by 11:59 pm. This  assignment as-well requires you to mate retrospect 2 donations. Your mate  reviews are due Sunday, May 3rd by 11:59 pm.  I am contrast the due epoch  for the argument for Wednesday so that you bear the reminder to adapt  in the donation, but content as-well recall to corcorrespond to two mates by  Sunday. You succeed bear a noble market of flexibility among this assignment. For  this assignment, constitute a donation and discourse each of  the  following: What does motivation balance to you? What motivates you? Why do you reckon you demand motivation? What inspires you to be and come motivated? Within this argument, you succeed attach/post a video, screen-cast,  PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other delayhold format of your choosing!  However, in arrange for it to be graded, I must be effectual to sight/see it.  Please be intellectual and bear fun! Use this as an turn to discuss  what verily drives and motivates you. This assignment is excellence 45 points. Content sight the rubric. In arrange  to sight the rubric, click on the navigation nothing root on the top  right and fine "Show Rubric". As constantly continuity me through Canvas  e-mail delay any questions you may bear!