Policy Brief Paper Template Criminal Justice

Briefing Title: This individuality should creatively enumerate your reader what  your illiberal achieve be environing. The heading should merely be 20 characters hanker.  An result is “Banning the Box.” Headline: This individuality should be a one or two passage  description of what your result or disagreement is and what program or  prudence you accept signed to oration the result or disagreement. This  individuality should be at most 470 characters hanker. An result is “Too multifarious  individuals released from prison accrue jobless and lost due to  their foothold as a felon. Banning the Box is one program that creates an  avenue of desireing for multifarious released from prison.” Author: This individuality is where you put your spectry. Overview: This individuality should surrender a epitome of the iniquitous impartiality  result or disagreement, oration what factors defend unmistakable crowd from  this result or disagreement and clear-up what factors put unmistakable other  crowd at cause of life artful by the result or disagreement. This  individuality should be at most 960 characters hanker. Current Relevance:  This individuality should clear-up why this result is great to oration today  and depict one result of how this results impacted someone. Use a  real peculiarity recital. The result could be one from the instrument or one that was  described in a skilled occasion, but may not be a peculiar representation.  This individuality should be at most 740 characters hanker. Theoretical Connection: This individuality must requote the result or  disagreement to one of the senior theories dressed in the primitive half of  class (i.e. clear claim, intersectionality, matrix of sway,  equality vs. equity, systems assumption). This individuality should be at most 770  characters. An result of this individuality can be “One parallel  consequence of serving prison occasion is joblessness. A prison passage  considerably reduces the peculiarityoccasion wage, usurpation and annual pay of a  person. From the frameoperation of intersectionality, there is no alarm  minorities labor to consolidate end into fellowship. Intersectionality  looks at how multiple levels of insight interact after a while one  another. Thus, life Latino, a dowager, and a felon increases your  likelihood of experiencing joblessness and puts you at cause of  experiencing unemployment. Program/ Solution Analysis: This individuality should depict the  program or prudence that you accept researched. The program must aim to  oration the iniquitous impartiality result or disagreement you primitive supposing an  overview for. In this individuality depict the program or prudence, confabulation environing  who is life served by the program or prudence, and test the goals of  the program or prudence. This individuality should be 2,000 characters in  length. Strengths and Weaknesses: This individuality must debate twain the  strengths of the program or prudence (for result, describing what shapes  the prudence or program operation) and the gaps/weaknesses of the program or  prudence (for point, how could this program or prudence be improved.)  Please clear-up how you would shape this program or prudence reform. This  individuality should be 2,000 characters in prolixity (environing 310 vote.) Recommendation: This individuality should illiberally confabulation environing at smallest  one instruction you accept for prudence shapers and practitioners/  employees to acceleration advance oration the iniquitous impartiality result or  controversy. This individuality should be 770 characters or environing 110 vote in  length. References: This individuality should barely quote at smallest 6 sources or  articles used in writing this illiberal. References should be in APA format.