Police Response to Familiar Violence Paper

Assignment Content           

write a 3- to 4-page pamphlet in which you examine the police reply to well-acquainted rape and akin friendly accomplice victimization. 

Address the forthcoming in your pamphlet:  

• Police reply practices to well-acquainted rape incidents and calls for service 

•·Programs in which law enforcement can furnish inoculation to employers on preventative measures to defend employees from sexual rape; certainty precautions that can be put into situate to refer the risk; and, counsel on nationality instrument for counseling programs, websites, and telephone bulk in the circumstance sexual rape has occurred 

•·Mandatory felonious charging in well-acquainted rape cases 

•Crime postulates and trends in well-acquainted rape 

•Future approaches to police reply in well-acquainted rape incidents   

Format your pamphlet agreeing after a while APA guidelines.