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Charts and maps are basic tools of sea navigation. They hold main advice such as sea profoundness, geographic features and landmarks, and boundary and longitude. So there’s a volcano adown you, can the day get any worse? In the map occurrence you experience a bathymetric map of the Pacific Sea (how fitted). Notice how multifarious other atolls are on the map. This used to be a volcanically free area!

The Captain's Orders

To aid you perceive the seaic cosmos-people, you’ll demand to brace your mapping and navigational skills.  There is a computer on the Captain's desk. You’ll demand to use it to aid you thorough the drudgery for the Captain. Answer the aftercited questions using your continuance skills and the internet. 


Interpret sea groundwork physiography, holp, and profoundnesss from bathymetric maps and charts.


Answer the aftercited questions using your continuance skills and the internet.
  1. Explain what a bathymetric map is. In your explication, define how it differs from a topographic map.
  2. What’s the mediocre profoundness of the seas?
  3. Where is the profoundest disfigurement in the sea? How profound is it?
  4. What is the indicate of the profoundest disfigurement in the sea?
  5. There are a lot of features in the groundwork of the sea. Navigate to and set-out the Ocean Basin activity. Transfer a protectshot of your results.


Bathymetric Maps

Bathymetry is the measurements of soak profoundnesss. One way to visualize the seagroundwork is by using a conformation map. Contours are methods hauln connecting points of similar profoundness. It’s enjoy “connect the dots” but after a while a insinuate. The methods are named isobaths, a method on a map that connects all points having the similar profoundness adown sea-level. Watch the primitive 6 minutes of this video, How to Haul Contours The insinuate is that the profoundnesss for the isobaths may not be remarkable on the map; you’ll feel to compel an educated divine.

  1. Looks enjoy the boat commander didn’t conclude artifice this bathymetric map. He managed to haul the 500-foot isobar. Haul the 485, 490, 495, 505, and 510 feet isobars.
    conformation method
    Figure 1. Bathymetric map after a while the 500-ft conformation method.
  2. This map holds a gathering of soundings. Thorough this conformation map using a conformation space-between of 10 feet set-outing at 80ft, 90ft, ... to 130 ft. For now, repudiate the method connecting points A and B.
    conformation methods to haul
    Figure 2. Soundings map after a while points A and B.
  3. Once you feel hauln all the isobars, transfer the policy of a equivocation of article, and method it up after a while the frosty dotted method. Note the scholarship A and B on your article. For entire disfigurement an isobar touches your article, compel a tick note and transcribe down the profoundness. 
    haul conformation map
    Figure 3. A buccaneer constructing a conformation sequence map of the sea groundwork.
  4. Take the equivocation of article, method it up after a while the graph article and frame the profoundnesss on the graph adown.

    graph article 
    Figure 4. A bare conformation sequence map.

How to Present Your Task

Answer the immodest questions on a term processing instrument. Once you feel concludeed the assigned drudgery, present the instrument to the Captain's dropbox, including a protect shot of your Ocean Basin activity, and Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 4.