Please explain everything descriptively. Please label the answers by the question number. Discuss the 3 assumptions for the use of MANOVA.

I deficiency succor after a while these for rank. Please interpret anything descriptively. Please label the answers by the scrutiny reckon.

1. Discuss the 3 assumptions for the use of MANOVA. 

2. Discuss abundantly the HBAT or HATCO fact examine MANOVA findings. You must bestow favoring details from the fact.

Read the SPSS Report "Improving Tax Administration after a while Postulates Mining".

3. Summarize the Introduction on page 3. Why postulates mining? What is postulates mining? page 4

4.  Explain premonitory modeling. page 7 Compare and dissimilarity Audit Select versus Priority One and Prior Productive.

5. Discuss abundantly the use of conjoint anatomy by managers.

6. Discuss the collision of choosing rank excellent versus ratings as the gauge of inclination.

7. Discuss the not-absolute signification of the predictor variables and each of their levels in solemn consumer judgments.

All the answers are in the textbook. Do not use a commencement other than the textbook.

Module 7 Marketing Conusmer Behavior : Premonitory Modeling

8. Summarize Module 7.

9. Define throng anatomy, its roles, and its limitations.

10. Discuss the types of examination scrutinys addressed by throng anatomy.

11. Define multidimensional scaling and illustrate how it is done.

12. Interpret abundantly the 3 steps to compose an perceptual map.

13) Distinguish among variables and constructs.

14) Interpret the basic types of relationships concerned in SEM.

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