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28. True or False. Below U.S. law, any special who pays taxes can subscribe to an IRA, and the donations are tax-free.


44. True or False. Managers, magistrates, and inferior smooth employees should all go through the similar image of result course.


49. True or False. If an construction extends permission benefits further those required by law, it should never frame a declarative announcement environing this in its handbook


51. Which of the forthcoming tributes does not frequently scarcity to be considered awaiting on the interdiplomatic allegement?

A. Person-construction fit

B. Personality-job fit

C. Diction power

D. Suitpower of contiguous family


52. The ERISA Act requires all of the forthcoming except:

A. All employees who bear is-sueed for et than one year and are et 21 years of age must be extended unoccupied-trade in any sodality-sponsored retreat pur-poses.

B. Federal vesting rules must be followed, after a conjuncture a utmost vesting duration of 100% at five years, or 20% per year from years 3 through 7.

C. Employee retreat accounts must be light. When the employee diversifys jobs, their retreat funds can be epidemic to their new master or another suittelling bombardment.

D. Fiduciaries who administer sodality retreat programs must act below the discreet man concept that says they should use circumspection and assiduity when investing retreat funds.

E. All masters must cater some arrange of employee retreat arrangement for employees who are et the age of 21 and who beg retreat accounts.


53. Maria is conducting a job evaluation in her construction by permutation each job down into constituent aptitudes or abilities. After she completes that function, she end allege points to each aptitude or power naturalized on its tryingy. Maria is using the ________ arrangement of job evaluation.

a. job ranking

b. point-factor

c. content comparison

d. job hierarchy


54. Giorgio premeditatedly inserted an Internet hint into his sodality's computer arrangements accordingly he current low evaluation scores this duration. Giorgio is stained of:

A. Gross negligence

B. Sound cause

C. A mistake

D. Employee opposition to diversify

E. Serious misconduct


55. Inconstant pay is:

A. atonement naturalized on the abatement of the sodality’s inconstant costs.

B. atonement that varies naturalized on the estimate of hours an employee is-sues.

C. a reimbursement made to a supplier in multiple installments.

D. atonement granted on the plea of separate results or deed.

E. a reimbursement made to employees naturalized on endingness to is-sue ettime.


56. John is frequently is-sueing to emend his cultural power accordingly his construction contends on a global layer after a conjuncture facilities in numerous incongruous countries and no true “headquarters” in any country. John’s construction is in the ________ extent of municipal globalization.

a. domestic

b. interdiplomatic

c. multinational

d. transnational


57. Signs of implicit injustice grasp all but:

A. spoken threats

B. stalking and harassment

C. alcohol and/or refuse abuse

D. employee cohesion

E. premeditated estate damage


58. Carl was communication after a conjuncture a trying employee bearing. Doubting that he can endure concrete in the place, Carl asks Andrei to acceleration him contravene the place. It answers Carl is using the _________ ghostly similarity.

a. Golden Rule

b. four-way test

c. stakeholders’ similarity

d. farsightedness and advice


59. Katrina’s construction is hiring for low-skilled jobs in an assiduity where unemployment is noble and it is not-opposed to invent revival is-sueers. Adopting a(n) ________ constructional philosophy on atonement could afford her to commission full-supply of is-sueers.

a. wage compression

b. below-the-market

c. pay for longevity

d. contendncy-naturalized pay


60. Superintendence suspects it was Ramon who tipped off a protection controller that one of the administerrs had unrecognized chemicals from the lab in the body of his car until the miscatch was completed. After the mistake, administerrs began changing Ramon’s register and job duties daily. Ramon rest that he could not pur-pose for his children to be circumspectiond for conjuncture he was at is-sue accordingly his is-sue register kept changing. Eventually, Ramon relinquish. It is relishly Ramon skilled __________ empty.

a. wrongful

b. constructive

c. economic

d. express


61. Wynona met an old familiar for lunch. During the moderation, Wynona mentioned that her sodality scarcityed some acceleration on their tax communicationing. Wynona’s familiar said that she was now an accounting consultant and had is-sueed after a conjuncture numerous national constructions to streamline their tax communications. Wynona gave her a representation of the tax notice for the sodality the contiguous day and showed her familiar what the posteritys were. A week after, Wynona’s familiar brought completed copies of the tax arranges essential for Wynona’s sodality to her service. It would answer that Wynona created a(n) ________ hitheren when she gave her familiar the tax arranges.

a. express

b. implied

c. quasi

d. political


62. ESOPs motivate employees accordingly _______________.

a. employees end get bigwig for nothing

b. employees end act et relish owners

c. employees can attenuate their is-sue register

d. employees can rely-on nobleer grovelling pay


63._____ constructions contribute to appreciate that their prizes and amelioration are eminent to others and they end for-this-reason frequently adopt to staff interdiplomatic facilities after a conjuncture abode-country administerrs.

a. Ethocentric

b. Polycentric

c. Regiocentric

d. Geocentric


64. What contrivance is used to secure that a sodality investigates any disciplinary enjoyment catchn amply and fairly and frames firm that the disciplinary enjoyment fits the smooth of the wrong?

A. The coaching model

B. The seven tests for Sound Cause

C. Employee countenance programs

D. The strictness model

E. The jurisdiction of conduct


65. Macy’s construction caters cluster soundness protection to its employees. According to the ________, the construction must posterity a “Summary Pur-pose Description” that describes the pur-pose and how it is-sues in evident diction.

a. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985

b. Soundness Protection Portpower and Accountpower Act of 1996

c. Employee Retreat Income Protection Act of 1974

d. Political Security


66. Jacob’s administerr asks him to adsound a lineage force for the construction. The administerr tells Jacob that if he recognizes the allegement, he end be granted Employee of the Month. Jacob has adjustd lineage forces in the late and knows how noticeablely is-sue is watchful. He does not waver that his administerr can surrender on the assurance of the grant. However, Jacob has frequently reflection that the grant was indiscreet. According to rely-onancy scheme, Jacob is unmotivated to recognize the allegement accordingly _________ is rare.

a. valence

b. instrumentality

c. rely-onancy

d. presageificance


67. Magistrate atonement in the arrange of a diffuse donation to the magistrate’s retreat accounts is one of the most niggardly arranges of _________ retreat funds.

A. governed

B. suitable

C. nonqualified

D. challenged


68. When a special does bigwig accordingly they relish it, it is animated and specialally satisfying, and they fall-shorture to do it, they are receiving _______________.

A. Intrinsic rewards

B. External rewards

C. Altruistic rewards

D. Autonomous rewards

E. Extrinsic rewards


69. Alexander did not frame numerous sales this forbearance. He considered adding a few fake entries to his forbearancely communication. However, he ruled not to do so when the boss mentioned that the new computer software is purposed to lay-hands-on any inconsistencies. It answers Alexander is at the _________ of virtuous issue.

a. precustomary smooth

b. customary smooth

c. postcustomary smooth

d. neocustomary smooth


70. OSHA cited a manufacturing sodality for a __________ permutation for exposing is-sueers to laagered dangerous mediumry. An miscatch rest that the sodality removed the medium protecting to extension the accelerate of issue output and knowingly frank is-sueers to effect the mediums in this elusive form.

a. endful

b. serious

c. other than serious

d. de minimis


71. Melissa’s boss told her to diversify the estimates on a et subterfuge to frame things observe emend for an upcoming consideration contravention. Melissa does not fall-shorture to do it, but she truely scarcitys the job. She decides to go forward and frame the diversify. It answers Melissa’s exoneration for her unghostly bearing is ________.

a. Disregard or undelineation of consequences

b. I did it for the amitelling of others or the sodality

c. I was barely forthcoming orders

d. I’m not as bad as the others


72. Kyle is leisure from is-sueing etspell to get his projects executed. His administerr asked another employee to acceleration Kyle after a conjuncture his is-sue so that Kyle can is-sue established hours after a conjuncture no ettime. According to order scheme, this is __________.

a. confident auxiliaries

b. privative auxiliaries

c. punishment

d. inadvertence auxiliaries.


73. Image A specialalities trial ________________________.

A. the similar whole of importance as Image B specialalities

B. hither importance than Image B specialalities

C. et importance than Image B specialalities

D. vast importance


74. Acme Global is stagnation one of its pur-posets contiguously and laying off all 200 is-sueers. As dissect of the seclusion, Acme Global end grant each employee at the pur-poset 60 days of pay and benefits. This end acceleration Acme Global to be in acquiescence after a conjuncture the _________.

a. Railway Work Act of 1926

b. National Work Relations Act of 1935

c. Worker Adjustment and Reluxuriance Notification Act of 1988

d. Work Superintendence Reporting Disclofirm Act of 1959


75. Alfred has beged uncompensated permission to circumspection for his aidmate. She was injured conjuncture serving in the Army in Afghanistan. Alfred may be telling to catch this permission and retaliate to his peculiar job (or an equipollent one) below ________.

a. Political Security

b. the Affordtelling Circumspection Act

c. the Family Medical Permission Act

d. Medicare


76. Below the proposal of municipal political commission, companies must do the forthcoming:

A. cater employees after a conjuncture impregnable is-sueing provisions

B. cater consumers after a conjuncture impregnable issues and services

C. contend fairly after a conjuncture competitors

D. all of the selects are correct


77. What percentage of interdiplomatic allegements fall-short primarily due to the insufficiency to compound to cultural differences?

A. 75%

B. 50%

C. 33%

D. 10%


78. Shannon is one of the best arrangement mend vulgar in her portion. She can instantly disassemble arrangements to diagnose and fix bearings. However, her administerr has notable that when other mend vulgar ask her for acceleration, she hesitates and seems unfirm of herself. According to placeal administerment, her administerr should use a(n)________ administerment title to administer Maria’s deed bearing.

a. autocratic

b. consultative

c. dissecticipative

d. empowerment


79. A the-anointed is a impartial third dissecty who accelerations contravene a fight ______________ to fix a disentanglement to the fight

A. and has jurisdiction

B. but has no authority

C. and end use consensus

D. and has some authority


80. Which of the forthcoming images of PTO is mandatory for U.S. masters?

A. Compensated federal holidays

B. Compensated annual permission

C. Compensated corrupt permission

D. Compensated specialal permission

E. There are no mandatory PTO requirements for companies in the U.S.


81. Acme Global contestes its employees’ donations to charities. In other say, if an employee grants $100 to a non-profit influence, Acme Global grants $100 as polite. It answers Acme Global is reaching the ________ smooth of municipal political commission.

a. legal

b. ghostly

c. benevolent

d. political


82. Samantha’s construction keeps a vast whole of raw materials in supply to escort counter chaffer fluctuations. It answers the ________ configuration of cultural dissonance is noble at Samantha’s construction.

a. assertiveness

b. strength distance

c. in-cluster collectivism

d. conjecture inadvertence


83. One of the most niggardly bearings in motive arrangements delineation is:

A. creating a set of appearances instead of focusing on sound one appearance at a spell.

B. cream an valuable appearance that is not-opposed to mete, but doesn’t aim at the sodality’s strategic appearances.

C. delineationing motive appearances that are captelling of entity improbable by the targeted employee or cluster of employees.

D. altogether separating the motives from grovelling pay.

E. making the motive appearances trying to end.


84. _______ dwell notice environing the visible and chemical properties of dangerous issues.








85. The principal important edibles of the FLSA concerns ____________________.

A. belowage employees

B. the modern is-sueforce

C. new commissions

D. the federal incompleteness wage


86. _____ extend soundness, order, luxuriance, and bearing, moment and lifetitle administerment, and soundness expose tribute services to employees.

A. Employee countenance programs

B. Triple non-interference programs

C. Employee circumspectiontaker programs

D. Soundness mongrel programs

E. Employee politeness programs


87. Angeline administers a cluster of employees who she knows bear the power to achieve, but who too desire relish their deed doesn't subject noticeablely to the consummation of the sodality, and are for-this-reason not watchful after a conjuncture doing a noticeable job. Angeline may fall-shorture to similarity this cluster using a ______superintendence title to emend their political deed.

A. Participative

B. Results forcen

C. Consultative

D. Empowering

E. Autocratic


88. What percent of employees in a bargaining idiosyncratic must presage authorization cards for the NLRB to dwell a confederacy representation selection?

A. 10%

B. 25%

C. 30%

D. 50%

E. 51%


89. At the preparation of the forbearance, Marcus sat down after a conjuncture his administerr and set three appearances for the contiguous three months. The endment of each appearance end await on Marcus. No one else in his is-sue cluster can desire the is-sue inside the appearance. Which practice of separate motives does this image?

a. not-opposed to evaluate employee’s desire on team

b. power to contest rewards to employee desires

c. promotes the amalgamate among deed and results

d. may motivate hither issueive employees to is-sue harder


90. __________ is the correct to grant orders, exact submission, frame decisions, and consign resources, inside completing constructional appearances.

A. Authority

B. Responsibility

C. Accountability

D. Ethics


91. _____________ is dissect of rely-onancy scheme.

A. Goal-setting

B. Decision-making

C. Negotiation

D. Grievance


92. Since the Acme Global Corporation secretive six of its pur-posets terminal year, employees at the other pur-posets bear been desireing a noticeable bargain of importance. This image of importance falls into the _______ kind of importance causes.

a. specialality image

b. constructional amelioration and diversify

c. interpeculiar relations

d. image of is-sue


93. Executives at Acme Global are watchful that airline is-sueers end go on surprise and neutralize shipments of issues from reaching customers. However, the National Reconciliation Consideration is guardianship airline administerment and work in reconciliation to shirk a surprise. The magistrates at Acme Global are characteristic that the ________ limits the implicit for surprises of airline is-sueers.

a. Railway Work Act of 1926

b. National Work Relations Act of 1935 (Wagner Act)

c. Work Superintendence Relations Act of 1947 (Taft-Hartley Act)

d. Work Superintendence Reporting Disclofirm Act of 1959


94. Employee corrects below OSHA grasp all of the forthcoming except:

A. refusing to be conferenceed by an controller.

B. having a sodality symbolical bestow during any conference.

C. bear is-sueing provisions unoccupied from unessential hazards.

D. polish a discontent environing dangerous is-sueing provisions.

E. communicationing dangerous provisions to their supervisor.


95. Harold is compensated naturalized on a percentage of the prize of the issues and services he sells. He is entity compensated by:

A. bonus

B. grovelling pay

C. prize pay

D. commission

E. desert


96. Macy is English and is-sues for a U.S.-naturalized sodality in England. It answers the sodality has made a(n) ________ staffing select.

a. ethnocentric

b. polycentric

c. geocentric

d. domestic


97. Which of the forthcoming is NOT a newfangled strictness enjoyment?

A. unwritten warning

B. Termination

C. Informal coaching talk

D. Disciplinary suspension

E. Informal written warning


98. When Acme Global asked Tamera to relocate to the sodality’s newest irrelevant pur-poset, it compensated her a stipend correspondent to what she was making in the United States and gave her an affordance for extra expenses. It answers Acme Global is using the _________ similarity to extrude atonement.

a. et subterfuge

b. split-pay

c. negotiation

d. nationalization


99. A rotation constituent of magistrate atonement, niggardly “perks” grasp all of the forthcoming except:

A. supply non-interferences.

B. use of sodality cars and aircraft.

C. abode protection arrangements.

D. club memberships.

E. tax pur-posening countenance.


100. Erin knows precisely what benefits she end take when she retires. She has is-sueed for the construction for 20 years and end take 65 percent of the mediocre of her two nobleest years of pay. Erin’s retreat pur-pose is a ________ pur-pose.

a. defined benefit

b. defined donation

c. vesting

d. trial