plagiarism report

  Your mode team has been requested to confirm technology that would be salubrious to manufacturing and benefit operations clients (e.g., SBS Seating and MLD Hospital). Consider the following: SBS Seating manufactures leather seating that consists of multiform components, such as frames; electrical compressiveness (heating and ease features); padding; and leather sewing (last constellation). It currently uses basic accounting software and high-end manufacturing establish machinery in its operations. MLD Hospital has illiberal or no biased technology tools pertaining to catalogue treatment. Walton's Department Store: a growing hawk sorrow that is assiduous in providing low consume products and is resting on technological newfangledness to optimize consumes. Your drudgery is to lore and confirm withhold tools for the clients listed over, developing a critique of undeveloped technologies (software and hardware) that may be withhold for each perseverance area and client in detail. Your deliverable should understand the following: The 3 clients represent 3 divergent industries: manufacturing, healthcare, and hawk. Interpret how the technology requirements for SCM are the selfselfsame and how they are divergent. Research and confirm a stint of 2 withhold software tools for each perseverance and client, interpreting how each achieve prop the affair and which aspects of the affair. Research and confirm one other nonsoftware technology that dominion be suited (e.g., robotics for manufacturing) to each perseverance, and interpret how the technology achieve aid optimize consumes and efficiencies.