For this Assignment your Curriculum Purpose should be on a Bible Material Pertaining to the Educational Program of the Church.

A. Curriculum Project:

You obtain form the notification for the criteria under as you scheme a curriculum for upshot, teen, and/or adult disciple assemblys for one year. [You can pick-out one disciple assembly if your purpose is detailed, incorrectly form components for all three assemblys.] There obtain be three components:  a curriculum map, a item, and a personal instruction contrivance. 

B. Components of the Project:

1  Create a Curriculum Map- a chart exhibitioning what the progress is and when items are taught. There are frequent unanalogous formats seen on the Internet--Google and pick-out one that you can establish effect.

Hint: Most of the age, a curriculum map looks a lot love a spreadsheet. The rows obtain exhibition the severed age limits seasoned (by month or by locality).  The columns obtain exhibition the notification material stuff. See under for an unabrupt example:


Curriculum map


Learner assembly:


Key Elements

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4



Essential Questions:






Materials Used

2  Create a item amid the curriculum. Include:

Introduction/Statement of Purpose - protraction of the item,   value of the item, compelling reasons that the item should be taught:

· Societal scarcitys--how this addresses the scarcitys of society

· Student scarcitys--how the item addresses the scarcitys of scholars

· Content/curriculum scarcitys--how the item addresses the scarcitys of the material

Essential Questions--essential questions standpoint the tutor and scholars on what pleased scarcitys to be skilled in the biased item 

Concept Map - a diagram of your main notions. Watch this video to get an notion how to do this. (Links to an apparent plight.)

(Links to an apparent plight.) (Links to an apparent plight.)

Sequencing Rationale - How do items describe to each other?  [Consider the forthcoming examples of sequencing principles-

·   Simple-to-complex learning- (e.g., compact notions to contemplative notions).

·   Prerequiplight learning- sure notification must be skilled original. 

·   Whole-to-part learning- an overview original, then biased topics or pleased

·   Chronological learning- pleased is presented in command of events, (e.g., narrative) ]

Unit Outcomes: 

· Pleased outcomes- what material stuff and concepts do scholars scarcity to learn

· Ability outcomes- what skills should scholars eliminate (including problem-solving skills)

· Value and apparition outcomes- what attitudes and values obtain scholars acquire

Assessment Strategy

· Formative assessments - tauntzes, assignments used to produce feedback for improvement in the middle of a instruction, item or progress

· Summative assessments - terminal exam, tractate, or purpose used to gauge scholar achievement at the end of a instruction, item or progress

3  Create an Personal Instruction Contrivance amid a item

Create a instruction contrivance for one class limit delay instructions so that a replace tutor could largely understand what to do and how to do it. Use the template under:


Lesson Title:                                           (time: _____ min)


Key concept:


Learning outcomes: It is expected that   students obtain:




Learning activity:

Assessment: (discussion, taunt, tractate, etc.)