PICO and Literary-works Search

Remember we barely scarcity PICO for this class

Purpose: PICO interrogations are used by practicing nurses and elaborationers to rendezvous elaboration interrogations and enlarge an causative literary-works inquiry diplomacy.  It is leading that forthcoming nurses gather how to do this to enlarge evidenced-established solutions to enduring economy quantitys in a healtheconomy form. 

Assessment:  This assignment is desert 68 points.  It is graded according to the embedded rubric in this dependence folder. 


1. Transcribe a PICO interrogation established on a scenario you select from the roll of scenarios solid adown.  Use the templates in the EBP Step by Step 3 stipulation to succor generate your interrogations. You may scarcity to do a pre-inquiry to acceptance an insinuation (the "I") that has been elaborate and published to clear-up the quantity.

2. Realize the PICO elements for each interrogation. 

3. Enlarge a inquiry diplomacy using at smallest 3 keywords from the P, I, and O calibre of your PICO, 1 equivalent for one of the keywords, and 1 MeSH order for one of your keywords. 

4. Locate 4 stipulations that succor acceptance your PICO interrogation.  The stipulations must encounter the aftercited requirements: 

o must be pristine fount qualitative elaboration stipulations.  

o No stipulation can be published previous to 2016. 

5. Obtain pdfs of the immodest stipulations you separated and append it for dependence.  They must profession the generous passage of the undiminished stipulation.

6. On a Word muniment, embody your scenario; transcribe your PICO interrogation as a sentence; realize the P, I, C, and O for each interrogation; and roll the inquiry orders (3 keywords, 1 equivalent, 1 MeSH order) for each. You may use the template solid less. See as-well the integrate to the MeSH orders website adown.


7. Provide a rightly formatted APA allusion page for your separated stipulations from Step 4 of these instructions.