Begin by describing the open views of Marx and Rand respectively, then examine the stark differences betwixt them.  What do they purpose is crime delay existing societies?  How do such problems commence?  What can be done to unfold them?  Who should control the way?  (Note: these are open questions and suggestions for purposeing encircling the theories; you aren’t required to counter-argument each partially.) After explaining the differences betwixt them, weigh (and examine) why they purpose it is inherent to do such segregation.  What are the elementary goals for civilized communities?  What values are they installed on?  What responsibilities do persons bear to try to cause encircling a meliorate league?  (Again, these questions are to get you purposeing encircling the purposes; you don’t demand to address them evidently, though you can.)  Finally, weigh one consolidated collision of each of the theories in our exhibit company.  This could be a law that demands to be radical owing it violates freedoms as defined by Marx or Rand; a program, law, organization, or usage that fulfills the word (goals) of one of the theories; or any other create of exhibit-day usage that can be analyzed through the theories.  You can use the corresponding law, organization, program, etc. for twain theories, or use a contrariant one for each.