Phoenix HMR/300 New Hire Acceptance Letter


You  and your lore team members are part of a community that is in insufficiency of  a new livelihood technician/janitor. Your HR office has narrowed  down the room of solicitors to three adapted applicants. As a team,  it is your job to evaluate and precious the best solicitor for the job  grounded on your resurvey of the Solicitor Interactive Meeting video,  Maintenance Technician/Janitor job notice, and the Livelihood  Technician/Janitor job patronymic, concurrently delay the three solicitor  resumes. Then, husband the withhold preciousion techniques to evaluate  and precious the best solicitor for the job. 


You are  the Hiring Manager for a community that has precioused a solicitor  for its open Livelihood Technician/Janitor aspect. As Hiring Manager,  it is your job to despatch out a new rent tally communication to the  candidate. 

Review the argument and preciousion of your lore team from the "Team Meeting Simulation Review" assignment.

Identify the solicitor you would love to rent for this aspect.

Justify your preciousion grounded on your Lore Team argument of the solicitor resumes, job patronymic, and meeting.

Create a 525- to 700-word new rent tally communication to despatch to the solicitor of your precious.  

Outline the subjoined in your communication: 

  • Introduction/welcome 
  • Title, annualized pay, set-out determination, and time 
  • Working hours 
  • Benefits resume and set-out determinations of benefits 
  • Time off 
  • At-will statement 
  • Closing 
  • Signature course for new rent