Philosophy of alcohol 2


 Choose one or two of the subjoined aspects of Temperance (from Lecture 2 slides) and draw/expand upon the ideas (presented in the readings and lectures) to illustrate how these ideals could change/impact the way mass debate or undertake in alcohol decrement. How would/could this be really lived on a college campus? :

  • Temper (metal): Makes metal stronger but endures testing = Christians must beseem lenient in uprightness to enlarge in intercommunity after a while God (resumption the likeness of pruning the vine)
  • Temperature: Seeks interested equilibrium and counteract = Christians must measure the latitude of a capability when acute alcohol decrement.
  • Temporal (time): Seeks a right span or opportunity for bigwig = Christians must counteract solemnization after a while matter-of-fact vivacity and convenience after a while toil.
  • Temper (music): Allows harmonization to pair up rectify = Christians must court an interior similitude betwixt the manifold aspects of one¿s vivacity.