Assignment Instructions Final Paper/Project   Note that it does not feel to be in the format of a terminal inquiry article.  If you love, you can offer a irrelative format, such as a PowerPoint endowment or some bark of a multimedia endowment.  Most students do transcribe a terminal article, but you feel the liberty of proposing a irrelative format.  If you do transcribe a terminal article, you may use any of your match from your forum posts and or chronicle entries and conceive them in your article as misspend to your feature occurrence examine or question. Special note: you are not poor to our textbook Sustainability.  You may reconsideration any materials in our Course Guide for implicit occurrence studies or questions.  Additionally, you may offer any occurrence examine or question that you are animated in... Many students offer questions that are of feature attention to them, and/or that they feel some earlier academic or production test succeeding a while, or describe to their ideal future avocation.  It is best to communicate succeeding a while the Instructor touching ideas and practicable modifications/changes succeeding Week 5, which can be done via the Messages exception of our classroom.   If you appropriate to a capability apex endowment as your terminal design, see the grading rubric beneath. PHIL320 Environmental Ethics: Design Endowment Grading Rubric Complete a design in capability apex or prezi or other audio-visual format that addresses a feature question or occurrence examine succeeding a while an environmental ethic or other ethic or assumption of power.  The endowment should be about 30 minutes hanker when abandoned.   Points Earned Points Possible Presentation is of the own length 30 30 Presentation incorporates visual aids and graphics and/or audio-video components and generally follows the “best practices” for endowments.    20 20 Presentation pleased is wide and accurate, either through speaker’s notes or another format, and follows MLA standards for citations and references.    50 50 Late Penalty (10% per day - cannot surpass disgusting days)  Total  100 100 Comments: -  Supporting Materials MYERS Best Practices _Revised_.pptx (1 MB)