phil247 week 3 discussions latest 2016 sep

week 3

Reasoning on Love (graded)

Men who had doting mothers will seek women who are independent and not overly affectionate. This is a reaction against having been smothered by a mother’s affection. If this is correct, then Ed, who had a doting mother, would be attracted to someone like Carla, who is independent and not overly affectionate. Ed is attracted to Carla, so this theory is correct.

Identify the fallacious reasoning in the argument.

Why might this argument be persuasive?
What other arguments exhibit the same fallacy?
Can the argument be repaired to eliminate the fallacy?

Reasoning on Death (graded)

Greek Philosopher Epicurus suggested that we should not be afraid of our own death, because we are not harmed by it.

When you are alive, you have not been harmed by your own death, because it has not yet occurred. When you are dead, you no longer exist, so you cannot be harmed. These are the only two possible states. Because you cannot be harmed by your death when you are alive, and you cannot be harmed by your death when you are dead, your death cannot be a harm to you at all. Therefore you should not fear it.

Do you agree? Why or why not?

Is there fallacious reasoning in the argument? If so, where?
Can you repair the argument?
Why is the argument persuasive?

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