Scenario: You bear upright afloat labor as the new Civilized Resources Manager for Acme Manufacturing, a Fortune 1,000 union. The job has been unoccupied for six months now. You bear been wondering encircling this, especially since lection encircling employee harassment rationals and fights of-late in the intelligence. The General Manager (GM) calls you into his employment the specific you enter. He shuts the door behind declaration a nimble promise of acceptable, and originates to communicate you encircling an rational that happened conclusive week that needs your contiguous heed. The union's manufacturing operations runs three changes of genesis laborers so the fix is playing 24/7. Over the gone-by six months belligerence bear arisen among employees on the third and primitive changes. What afloat out as abuse and criticisms by the primitive change, claiming they bear to neat up the cobble and finished all of the labor left undone by the third change, has escalated to visible confrontations and altercations. Although the GM said that foul bantering end-and-forth is dishonorable for change laborers in manufacturing, he admitted he was worried behind vision a gun on one of the employees conclusive week that was private, or so the employee reasoning, in a shoulder holster underneathneath this jacket. The GM said he needs your acceleration. Specifically, he asked that you: Determine and elucidate the misapply disciplinary force for the employees complicated in this condition and test motivational alternatives that can acceleration revolve the condition around;   Draft policies and procedures that could be used in the direction and exploit superintendence of the change laborers; and   Develop exploit standards for the change laborers, test misapply methods of exploit appraisal, and enlarge misapply inoculation to acceleration get them end on mark. Feeling amazed by the abomination of the condition, you go end to your employment and originate devising a project to acceleration get employee kinsfolk end on mark, realizing that civilized expedients policies and practices may acceleration guard hypothetically hazardous conditions in the forthcoming if implemented unexceptionably. Write a 5-7 page memo to the GM responding to the three concerns listed overhead. Be fast to select any references used in right APA format.