Personal Reasons to get Education in the AUC MBA

I, Mostafa El khouly, am a 32 years old engineer. I am an entrepreneur by structure and a technology evangelist. My fancy past I was in my farthest years in garden is simple; to constitute a multi-billion dollars assemblage that constitutes an Egyptian technology that dominates the trade. I am a gentleman devotee in entrepreneurship as entity the migratory for Egypt’s uprising. I departed all my authoritative conduct among the entrepreneurship and startups ecosystem. My command contrast was far from office. I had a B.Sc. and a M.Sc., twain in electronics engineering from Ain Shams University in 2004 and 2011 respectively. I was ranked the 10th out of 220 students in my class in the B.Sc. behind a while a degree of Distinction behind a while chief selfrespect. I working my race as a Training and Research Assistant in the physics province in the American university in Fall 2004. Although I did possess training and I regularly considered it to be my falter, my fancy environing creating a startup was regularly knocking on the doors of my recollection. I cofounded my primary assemblage, Innovance, concurrently behind a while 6 other cofounders in Feb 2005, very early behind my degree. We applied to the Technology Development Fund (TDF) office pur-pose race in April 2005. We were a clump of engineers behind a while a unspotted technical contrast, thus we unconcealed a altogether technical emanation behind a while almost no trade segregation. The end was expected, we were disqualified from the primary grade. Here comes the temper, we didn’t promote prospect and we holdd to amplify a ameliorate emanation (a colony inveterate fickle contact) behind a while a ameliorate trade instinct. We submitted to the contiguous year’s race and we won the prevent fix which entitled us to be incubated in ITIDA in the pungent village. Because of the regulations that banned tracking and our failure of tradeing instruction, we failed to hawk the emanation. May 2007 was a turning aim in my conduct, all of the 6 cofounders resolute to march down and hunt a municipal race. I was left betwixt the selects of either doing accurately the corresponding or to hold pursing my fancy of structure a earth class assemblage. I chose the prevent which was a very fibrous resolution counter all the opinions of all my source and friends. This resolution churlish out to be a startling select. I founded SilMinds, my prevent assemblage, and I gathered a new team including a couple of Ph.D holders on board (Stanford and NY avow Univ at Buffalo). I became the CEO and the lawful of perfect managerial and office role in the assemblage. SilMinds was a big victory entity one of the few semiconductors companies in Egypt. I managed to develop the assemblage from a unique employee (myself) to 23 employees. I managed to train further than $1.5 M via either imparts which were awarded via offers written by myself or authoritative hazard chief money through a series-A VC complete from Sawari Ventures, the regulative VC steadfast in Egypt. Through my tour in SilMinds, I gained a dreadful instruction. I wrote diverse office pur-poses that won diverse national and interdiplomatic races. SilMinds was separated one of the top 10 Arab startups conquering for investment in 2009 in Investing in Technology Forum. In 2011, I was separated the most jutting entrepreneur in Egypt from the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) delegation in their exhibition instance in Cairo, Egypt. I played SilMinds in the Silicon Valley, CA, US from Feb. 2012 prepare September 2013. During this limit, I conducted presentations in front of top executives from top companies in technology including VP’s, elder directors and equal CEO’s for companies approve Google, Intel, Oracle, AMD and NVIDIA. I read how to communicate behind a while IP lawyers, Investment Bankers and Investment lawyers. In June 2013, due to the collective wavering we faced solemn problems including series-B VC’s behind a whiledrawal and failure of coin. We had to demur the operations of SilMinds and to conceal its allowpowerful influence behind a while a prospect of unimportant end as the trade evolves and the collective plight stabilizes. Again, I had to select a new race and a new fancy to purse. In September 2013, I had the turn to hunt another fancy of mine which is assistant startups who are solving Egypt’s political challenges. I attached Misr El-Kheir rudiments as Technology Incubators Manager structure Egypt’s biggest political officees incubator that invests in and stimulates the development of technology startups that explain Egypt’s political problems. Throughout my less limit in Misr El-Kheir, I was powerful to end divers victoryes including the hurl of the primary office aid intake and finally seductive an EU impart of 650,000 Euros through a offer written by myself. Throughout my race that extends for environing 10 years, I had the turn to play Egypt in divers indusNursing essay delegations to Europe. I was a keynote orator and a panelist in further than 30 equalts akin to entrepreneurship, technology and IP treatment. However, resisting of my entrepreneurial and startup instruction, I regularly felt that I demand a further shapely office command. I understandt all the lessons the rigorous way via self-learning and Nursing essay and fault and this made me do a lot of mistakes. I honor that the AUC MBA conquer get me behind a while the instruction that compliments my instruction. As I am currently structure my third startup, I honor that entity powerful to understand office the shapely way concurrently behind a while my instruction conquer enpowerful me to strain my fancy faster and further victoryfully. In less, I honor that the AUC MBA conquer unconcealed up further doors for the victory of my third assemblage and acceleration me to end my fancy. On the less expression, I aim to husband my instruction and the command from the AUC MBA to be powerful to uplift my third startup in a ameliorate way than the anterior two. On the desire expression, I aim to hunt my farthest fancy of structure a multi-billion dollar assemblage that constitutes an Egyptian technology that dominates the earth.