Personal Leadership Development Plan


Final Project

Instructions: Follow each top as outlined, nothing should be damage.

  1. Each learner should delineation a “My Personal Example Bud Plan" in a PowerPoint donation. The diffusiveness of the donation accomplish rest on the appreciate you locate on your example bud.
  2. Using what we skilled in tabulate from the arguments, instruments, assignments, and readings, do a accomplished segregation of your example mode and capability.
    • What bear you skilled about yourself?
    • What areas do you deficiency to chattels on to be a past talented superintend?

Guidelines for Personal Bud Plan

  1. Identify the proceedings that you deficiency to bung doing and others that you deficiency to initiate doing. It is antecedent that aggravate the semester you bear heeded on these exercises and accomplish deficiency to admit steps to fluctuate your proceeding to befit a past talented superintend.
  2. Use the five customs of praiseworthy example discussed by Kouzes & Posner (1987). Heed upon which custom best exemplifies you.
  3. Use any concert end-of-chapter questionnaires, observational exercises, and/or cogitation to superintend your argument.
  4. Discuss at smallest two example theories that resonated delay you and your mode. Do not regular transcribe a specification.
  5. Provide a specific inventory of strategies (i.e. exercise steps and timeline) for your example bud and regularify them on the plea of your aloft argument. That is, illusion how your argument of example concepts informs your exquisite of exercise steps.
  6. Create a example bud delineation for yourself. The delineation should be put into chattels aggravate the present one to two years.

You should submit

  • A PowerPoint donation. As this is a interest tabulate, your donation should heed interest standards in peculiarity, organization, and donation. Include a name slide. Review proportion of format, font, font dimension, divert use of graphics to quotation, diffusiveness of quotation, etc. 
  • Cite your sources where useful on each slide (APA mode). 
  • Include a References slide in APA format.


  1. PowerPoint slides should include bullets, not covet paragraphs.
  2. Use graphics, charts, pictures to emphasize, not aggravatewhelm, your quotation.