Performance Management – Case Study

  Performance Management - Case Study 

Review Chapter 2 and then peruse the scenario adown.


Suzan has resulted for Construction ABC for one year. During her 30-day retrospect, Suzan common extraordinary scores from her director. During her 60-day retrospect, Suzan’s deed was deemed as merry, but her ability to divulge after a while her colleagues was lacking. During Suzan’s 90-day retrospect, Suzan’s director, at the spell, developed that her deed needed careful improvements. Unfortunately, Suzan’s director eminent the aftercited:

  1. Suzan      did not prepare her colleagues after a while messages from customers and vendors.
  2. Suzan’s      phone skills were undignified, chiefly when interacting after a while customers.
  3. Suzan’s      temper was a sorrow and she frequently aggravated her words when she became      frustrated.

You own been hired to re-establish Suzan’s earlier director. Between Suzan’s 90-day retrospect and immediately (her annual retrospect), you own noticed that Suzan’s deed peaceful is a tenor. Before her disappearance from the construction, Suzan’s spent director certain, “Suzan is nice; besides, she is a horrid communicator. I cannot result after a while her, as she is such a investigate to bargain after a while… Good prosperity, as Suzan is one of the conquer employees of Construction ABC.”

During your pristine week in your new role as director, you met after a while Suzan to gather past encircling her deed. She certain, “I am a firm resulter; besides, I simply was told what I was doing wickedness. I am desirous to gather. Can you succor me beseem the best employee for Construction ABC? I scantiness to exceed in this role.”

As a director, you recognize that you own sundry responsibilities. One of your responsibilities is to oration deed deficiencies. Although Suzan was prepared after a while a job term, which understandd constructive knowledge encircling the fastidious character of message in her role, she needs additional living.

Examine pages 79 and 80 in your textbook. Then, imagine a pur-pose, particular to Suzan’s needs, detailing how you conquer localize the aftercited to secure improved deed:

  1. Observation      and documentation
  2. Updates
  3. Feedback
  4. Resources
  5. Reinforcement

For issue, when thinking encircling comment and documentation, what dominion you do to hold footprint of Suzan’s deed? Why? When thinking encircling updates, how conquer you hold Suzan updated? Explain and defend your rationale for each of the five components and why you made the recommendations that you prepared.

Your calligraphic Nursing Dissertation should as the aftercited requirements:

  • 6      pages in diffusiveness, which does not understand the name and relation pages.
  • APA      style guidelines.
  • Support      your yielding after a while line embodied concepts, principles and theories      from the textbook and at smallest two skilled, peer-reviewed      journal tenets. 
  • Turnitin      originality Report