Perdisco-Coffee& Caffee Supplier (EXCEL)

deficiency to do the primeval indecent requirements for the achieve. Please learn the notification carefully and completed it in achieve (link is requirement!) .

the indecent requirements:


1. Transactions

a. Archives all transactions in the pertinent chronicles. Note that distinctive chronicles must be used where ancilla. Any

transaction that cannot be commemorative in a distinctive chronicle should be commemorative in the unconcealed chronicle.

b. Shaft entries commemorative in the chronicles to the alienate ledger accounts according to the company's accounting

policies and procedures.

Remember to penetrate all answers to the undeviating unimpaired dollar. When careful a abatement, if a abatement is not a unimpaired

number, globular the abatement to the undeviating unimpaired dollar. Then, to proportion the Cash quantity, withdraw the abatement

from the primordial quantity.

2. End of month shafting

a. Whole the shafts in the distinctive chronicles.

b. Shaft the wholes of the shafts in the distinctive chronicles to their identical ledger accounts. To establish that the

posting has been performed, a shafting regard is commemorative in the definite row of the distinctive chronicles. If the whole of a

shaft is not required to be shafted (accordingly the entries in that shaft possess already been shafted on a daily cause)

you deficiency to archives an X in the shaft regard scene for that shaft.

3. Bank arbitration

a. Prepare the bank arbitration declaration as at June 30.

b. Identify and archives the pertinent reconciling items in the unconcealed chronicle, and shaft them to the pertinent accounts.

4. Unadjusted Nursing essay et

Complete the unadjusted Nursing essay et as at June 30 on the worksheet granted.