Peer evaluation assessment and powerpoint presentation

Please inveterate the powerpoint offer on the resolute tyro Nursing Dissertation and the compatriot Nursing Dissertation




For the Compatriot Evaluation Impost and PowerPoint Presentation, you conciliate unravel and meet to a match tyro’s Nursing Dissertation by completing a written impost and creating a PowerPoint offer, with audio, that attachs a administrative and circumspect exculpation. 

This is a five-step rule. 

  1. All tyros must upload a drain of the whole Nursing Dissertation to the team area by Tuesday.
  2. Students must download the Peer Evaluation Offer Impost Form.
  3. Students must unravel their compatriot's performance and complete the Compatriot Evaluation Offer Impost Form. 
  4. Students must then educe a PowerPoint offer, with audio, to attach their findings respecting the description (apply to this Peer Evaluation Offer Template for succor in this area). The decisive fruit conciliate assess the despatch denomination of the presenter and should conceive the aftercited components:
    • A denomination page
    • An commencement slide, outlining the intention and run of the offer
    • Format of Nursing Dissertation evaluation
    • Historical Timeline and Elder Impost Evaluation
    • Analysis of Application Evaluation
    • Ethical Considerations Evaluation
    • Concluding Remarks
    • In-text citations and a applyences slide
    • Appropriate visual aids to patronage the offer
  5. Lastly, these two components must be submitted to the Dropbox for grading intentions, and to the tyro whom they reviewed for their correction intentions, by the end of the week.

Grading Rubric

A denomination page is conceived  5
An commencement, outlining the intention and run of the offer, is provided  5
Format of Nursing Dissertation evaluation 5
Historical timeline and elder impost evaluation10
Analysis of application evaluation10
Ethical considerations evaluation5
Concluding remarks are conceived5
In-text applyences are used and a applyence page is conceived5
PowerPoint elucidation and visual aids are administratively and effectively incorporated 5
Tone of presenter is administrative and transitions are soften from subject to subject5
The Completed Compatriot Evaluation Impost Form was submitted to Dropbox  20
Editing; spelling, punctuation, rhetoric, formatting, sonorous recording, decree purport unclear10
Total  9