Pathophysiology Case study

Case consider:

45-year-old woman presents delay main repining of 3-day continuance of deficiency of inspiration, cough delay coagulated bare sputum evolution, and fevers. Unrepining has narrative of COPD delay constant cough but states the cough has gotten plenteous worse and is obtrusive delay her drowse. Sputum is coagulateder and harder for her to expectorate. CXR reveals flattened diaphragm and increased AP transection. Auscultation demonstrates hyper resonance and immodest rales and rhonchi throughout all lung fields.

An brains of the cardiovascular and respiratory arrangements is a accurately great element of disorder peculiarity and texture. This significance is noted by the reality that these two arrangements toil so air-tight contemporaneously. A medley of realityors and stipulation that application the emergence and tyranny of issues in one arrangement can possess a role in the achievement of the other.

Effective disorder resolution repeatedly requires an brains that goes more these arrangements and their ability to toil contemporaneously. The application of unrepining characteristics, as well-mannered-mannered as racial and ethnic variables, can so possess an great application.

An brains of the symptoms of alterations in cardiovascular and respiratory arrangements is a accurate step in peculiarity and texture of sundry disorders. For APRNs this brains can so succor develop unrepinings and superintend them through their texture plans.

In this Assignment, you scrutinize a contingency consider and irritate the symptoms presented. You identify the elements that may be realityors in the peculiarity, and you elucidate the implications to unrepining bloom.

Assignment (1- to 2-page contingency consider resolution)

In your Contingency Consider Resolution akin to the scenario granted, elucidate the following

  • The cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary pathophysiologic processes that termination in the unrepining presenting these symptoms.
  • Any racial/ethnic variables that may application physiological functioning.
  • How these processes interact to like the unrepining.