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Part A: Confutation each of the forthcoming questions. Be abiding to demonstration all of your effect and considerations.1. Woody's Cafe's existent possessions tax of $1,110.85 was due on November 1, 2013. Due to financial problems, Woody was incompetent to pay his cafe's existent possessions tax beak until January 15, 2014. The punishment for delayed cancelment is 81/ 4% plain concern.Answer the forthcoming questions: (a) How abundant is the punishment Woody must pay (b) What did Woody pay on January 15? Round all confutations to the direct cent.2. Jane's April 1 catalogue had a absorb of $48,000 and a dispose-of estimate of $70,000. During April, net donations absorb $210,000 after a while a dispose-of estimate of $390,000. Net sales at dispose-of for Jane for April were $280,000. Calcudelayed the absorb of completion catalogue using the dispose-of catalogue way. (Round to the direct hundredth percent.)3. Use the under notice to calcudelayed the (a) net sales, (b) outrageous gain, (c) entirety bountiful reimbursements, and (d) net pay.Sales avails $700 Rent reimbursement $1,288 Sales remittances $950 Depreciation reimbursement $600 Absorb of commodities sold $7,600 Outrageous sales $20,900 Advertising reimbursement $1,650 Salary reimbursement $2,900 Heat reimbursement $900Part B: Confutation each of the forthcoming questions. Be abiding to demonstration all effect and consideration 1. Acme Track Incorporated current 360 spans of Nike exoteric shoes. Each span dispose-ofs for $58. Acme build 1/ 9 of the spans to be imperfect and returned them. Bombastic each span absorb Acme $26, what gain did Acme construct bombastic all non-imperfect sneakers were sold?2. The cohibitcapacity of Vance Concourse had a pit of $2,210.55. The bank assertion demonstrationed a pit of $4,918.18. The bank cool a $2,000 still n ess minus a $5 utility load. There was a defence in transit of $610.88. Several cohibits unself-possessed entiretyed $1,196.17. Vance cool $42.33 in concern on the cohibiting wholeity. Vance narrative a $300 cohibit for $400. The bank utility load is $14.99. What is the adjusted reconciled pit?3. Over the spent month, 900 trucks were sold. Abe sold 4 times as abundant as Joe. How abundant trucks did Abe dispose-of, and how abundant trucks did Joe dispose-of?4. Juan Sevez buys a new computer expensed at $650. He constructs a down cancelment of 15%. How abundant of the donation is not paid for? (Round to direct hundredth or hundredth as needed.)5. Find the quantity of (a) net expense and (b) occupation remittance using the forthcoming notice:Stove List $1,400 Chain remittance 13/10/46. Assume markup is naturalized on absorb. Solve for the developed absorb using the notice under. Round your confutation to the direct cent.Selling expense $600 Markup percentage on absorb 35%7. Mobilee Oil Concourse not spurious a $10,000, 120-day still n ess dated March 3 at 8112% to calm a spent-due wholeity receivable. Mobilee Oil remittanceed the still n ess to train currency on May 10 at a remittanceed scold of 9%. What pay did Mobilee Oil accept? Use plain concern.8. Adjax bought a record for $86,000. Its estimated conduct is 10 years after a while a residual estimate of $6,000. Using the straight-line way, what is the capacity estimate of the record at the end of year 2?9. A business's entirety sales, including a 5% tax, were $23,152.81. Calcudelayed the (a) developed sales and (b) sales tax jurisdiction.10. Jim Leary insured his capacitystore after a while a life protection system of $90,000 at a absorb of $0.58 per $100. Prospect months delayedr, his protection concourse canceled the system accordingly of deficiency to redress a life peril. What did Jim enjoy to pay for the prospect months of coverage?