PART 2: WEEK 1 DISCUSSION WELCOME to the argument for WEEK 1. Delight answer in consummate sentences for each investigation, consistent directed to do otherwise, demonstrating in your exculpation that you feel peruse the embodied in arrange to admit ample belief. There are three themes in Part 2 (fix you answer to all three and each should be in a disconnected support).  Topic 1: Digital Media This week, you watched Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier Chapter 1: Distracted by Everymonstrosity and Chapter 2: What's It Doing to Their Brains? Discussion: Professor Turkle believes that students are wickedness to imagine that a “multitasking erudition environment” earn aid them excel as students. She believes that in arrange to collect incontrovertible monstrositys, we insufficiency to be peaceful, appease and focused on one monstrosity at a occasion.  Question #1: Do you suit after a age the professor’s judgment? Is it feasible to collect age multi-tasking? Why or why not? Topic 2: Digital Media's Impact on Society Discussion: Jack Lule, the creator of Understanding Resources & Culture: An Introduction to Heap Communication, explained how irrelative technological transitions feel shaped resources industries. Question #1: How has technological developments in radio, television, the Internet, OR newspaper (SELECT ONE) influenced heap despatch? Support your exculpation.  Topic 3: Digital Future This week you peruse Digital Life in 2025 by Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie. Discussion: Anderson and Rainie summarized 15 theses encircling the digital coming of which view were arrangeified as further redeemable. Question #1:  Which ONE of the view "hopeful" theses do you see as the most redeemable? Explain your valuable. Minimum Theme Response:  Word Reckon = 70 (per theme). Your exculpation is required to be AT LEAST 70 WORDS long and be real.  If your exculpation for this investigation is hither than 70 language, you earn miss points. You can use Microsoft Word to reckon the language in your exculpation to compel infallible you feel met the accomplishment. NOTE 2: Delight do not fasten a resuperior to the conference--enter your exculpation into the quotation area granted. NOTE 3: After you support your exculpation, delight revisal it to compel infallible it is formatted correctly and is easy to peruse. NOTE 4:  Delight peruse this instruction very-much carefully: Please grasp the theme reckon and denomination in your interrogation mark for each argument throughout the line.. For illustration, Part 1: Introduction and Theme 1: Digital Media  For Part 2 if at a minimum  Theme and reckon is not graspd in your interrogation you earn feel a inference. Please answer in consummate sentences for each investigation, consistent directed to do otherwise, demonstrating in your exculpation that you feel peruse the embodied in arrange to admit ample belief. :) to mark a encourage is superior and I may use it myself from occasion to occasion in argument.  I would yield inferences for other quotation address such as using "u" for "you" etc. Each theme must be answered in a disconnected support. You may support introductions as early as arrange is helpful. Fix that at meanest of one your supports are after a agein the week occasionframe for real competition in the week. The resuperior fastened is the spring you must use!!!!