The parents of6 year old Lucy who has Bcell


The parents of6 year old Lucy who has Bcell; lymphoma have brought her to their children wars as they have record a tempo of 38.7 degrees. They have since given her a dose of paracetamol she completed a dose of chemotherapy 6 days previously. They know that she last blood count showed theta she was neutropenic. The whole family has had symptoms of viral illness, a running nose and a bit of cough, but she has also had three bouts diarrhea in the preceding 24 hours and some lower abdominal pain, there are 4 other children ranging from6 months to 9 years. The mother works part time in the evenings behind a bar while father is self employed painter.


Temp 37.4 degrees

Pulse 130 beats /min

BP 95/60 mmHg

No murmurs,

ENT normal

What factors increase the risk of infection in children with cancer?

What is the management?

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