Pakistan Studies

Natural Resources – An Issue of Sustainability Fish Candidates should be effectual to define the fishing arrangements used in twain marine and inside introduces, including fish farms,  grant examples of the fish caught in twain marine & inside introduces & of the fish reared on fish farms, grant examples of the fishing ports on twain the Balochistan and Sindh shores, define the uses of the fish caught. clear-up improvements in fishing arrangements and processing techniques discern the problems counterness the fishing diligence and evaluate the possibilities for its advance harvest and sustainability. Question: 2 (May / June 2000) For marine fishing designate the deep lay-hold-on and the most expressive ship-produce dispense for the lay-hold-on. For inside fishing declare where and why fish are caught. Question: 2(October / November 2002) (a) Study the forthcoming. Fish Order 1 – crab, lobster, prawns (jhinga), sardines, shark Group 2 – hila, mahseer, palla, trout Order 3 – herring, mackerel, sardines, shark Fishing Areas A – inside fisheries (freshwater) B – Makran (Balochistan) Coast C – Indus Delta (Sindh) Coast In which fishing area are the fish in order 1 caught? In which fishing area are the fish in order 2 caught? Describe the fishing diligence of the Makran Shore delay intimation to arrangements of lay-hold-oning the fish, ports and the uses of the fish caught. Increasingly fish are obtained from fish farms. Define this arrangement of surrendering fish. Why are fish so gentle in the mangroves of the Indus Delta Coast? Question: 4(October / November 2003) Declare and clear-up the deep functions of the ports on the Balochistan shore. Why are the ports in Balochistan narrow? Question: 3 (May / June 2004) Study Photograph (opposite) which shows dissect of a fish farm at Faiz, south of Multan. Define the waste and features of the fish farm. How has the visible topography of the area made it lenient to form the ponds?  Where has the symbolical succeed from that has been used to execute the banks of the ponds? Why is fish husbandry of growing moment in Pakistan? Credit succeed be grantn if you designate a stamp of modern introduce fish reared on fish farms. Question: 1 (May / June 2005) The area of mangrove forest has waned in greatness in fresh years. How and why has this monstrous the topical fisheries? Question: 4 (May / June 2008) Designate two fishing ports on the shore of Balochistan. Designate two types of marine fish caught by fishermen. Define livelihood fishing arrangements. Clear-up how these arrangements can be improved to execute fishing wholesale. How can fish be stored and processed onshore? Why is fish processing determined ‘value-added’? How does the scanty infrastructure of Balochistan execute harvest of the Fishing diligence enigmatical? Study Fig. (opposite), a graph comparing the origination of marine and inside fisheries in Pakistan. Compare the changes shown in the graph. Clear-up why more race are filled in inside fisheries than marine fishing. Question: 2(October / November 2008)  Clear-up how industries can stain large stream and sea introduce. Clear-up how this defilement affects fishing. Question: 1(October / November 2010) Study Fig. (opposite), which shows the moment of marine fish caught 1996–2006. The moment of fish caught in 2006 was near than in 1996. Suggest two reasons for this wane. Define how the moment of fish caught radical in the years between 1996 and 2006. Define how marine fishing arrangements can be improved. Study Fig. (opposite). Delay intimation to Fig. (opposite), clear-up the advantages and disadvantages of developing the fishing diligence in Pakistan.