Othello and Post Colonialism Essay HELP!!



-ASSIGNMENT: Develop an thrilling thesis on Othello in a tractate employing the Post Colonialism precarious perspective.

· First portion is the vestibule. Must lay out how Post Colonialism relates to Shakespeare’s Othello. Each theme that accomplish be debateed must be introduced in the vestibule

· The succor portion MUST debate what Post Colonialism is

· Each following portion must stream and embrace MULTIPLE intext citations from ALL 5 sources 

· Must be grammatically punish and unimpeded of spelling errors

-Argumentative essay about how the Post Colonialism hypothetical perspective is clear in Shakespeare's Othello

-MUST use ALL five sources loving

- MUST be ORIGINAL (accomplish be submitted to Turnitin.com)

- 2500 tone (not including works cited page)

- MUST use MLA formatting 

- Must embrace a disconnected works cited page

- I enjoy fixed 3 tenets and accomplish embrace 2 websites that you are to allusion. PLEASE ONLY use the embodied that has been loving. NO other beyond sources original. 

- DUE December 7, 2019 at 2200 EST



-Othello, by William Shakespeare

The other 4 sources are fixed in PDF format. PLEASE USE ALL 6! It is a must!