Two paragraphs for each topic  separate  each topic answers  1. Improving Delivery and Visual Aids Use what you’ve erudite this week to rejoin to the following: Find and distribute an specimen of faulty general message. Discuss the delivery bearing(s) and intend suggestions for progress OR ways to shirk the bearing(s) in advenient messages. What can you imbibe from these faulty specimens (twain yours and those of classmates)? What does “death by PowerPoint" moderation to you? What are some best practices for effectively using visual aids? 2. "Human Resources" Please rejoin to the following: Your structure is embarking on a hanker –term contrivance that allure exact additional anthropological instrument on a agree reason to adequate the exertion of the contrivance. Since the contrivance allure span various years, you apprehend one vendor probably cannot afford all the instrument you’ll deficiency aggravate the mode of the agree. In classify to minimize the procurement documents, I lack to exertion after a while merely one vendor throughout the contrivance. Do you consider this is a straight firmness? Why/Why not? Justify your solution. Do you consider it’s significant that a good-tempered-tempered IT authoritative keep either secure technical skills, or secure nation skills? Why?