Organizational chart | Human Resource Management homework help

Develop an Construction Chart in Microsoft Word and succumb it to the Drop Box below. Your chart should fit on a unmarried page. (See instructions underneathneath on steps to enunciate an Construction Chart in Word.)


  1. Study the following fashion of the HIM Department.

  2. Based on the fashion, build an construction chart indicating the divert lines of example and power.

  3. Include employee indicate, credentials, and distinction if unreserved. 

  4. Indicate the compute of employees reporting to each idiosyncratic. 

HIM Section Description

Peggy Carson, RHIT, is the Director of the HIM Section at General Hospital. The sanity economy dexterity has aggravate 500 inpatient beds, an erratic outpatient section, and 150 trained nursing beds. She has hired immodest credentialed professionals to aid her in managing the section.

The transcription ace is industrious and underneathneath the supervision of Sue Harstad, RHIT. Sue is imperative for three full-time and immodest part-time transcriptionists.

Records are amass and analyzed by immodest employees who are supervised by Brooke Anderson, RHIT. These employees as-well discharge retrospective clinical pertinence resurvey. Brooke as-well supervises the two employees who aggravatesee the physician’s deficient area.

The Coding Section is comprised of six coding specialists who adjudication all inpatient and outpatient registers. Claire Herriot, CCS, supervises the adjudicationrs.

The smooth Ace includes six employees who economize a bar coding scheme for filing and retrieval.  They are supervised by Mark Allen, RHIT. Mark as-well aggravatesees the Release of Advice Ace where two employees economyfully fence and corcorrespond to demand for sanity advice.

How to Enunciate an Construction Chart in Microsoft Word 07

To appropinquation the construction chart power, disclosed a new Word document.

Click on Insert on the menu bar.  Click on SmartArt. Click on Hierarchy then prefer the fashions you would affect to try. The primeval two fashions might effect the best and they are the most unwritten for construction charts. Click on your fashion precious and then click OK. This procure disclosed a new chart for you to edit and expand in. Be assured to hinder it as you effect.

To transcribe extract in a box, singly wrap click on the box. The font procure direct to fit the box as you likeness. To add boxes, click on the box unswerving to the subsidence where you absence to add a new box. On the menu bar, click on  Add Shape and prefer the arrival from the roll of preciouss. The box procure automatically be borrowed. Continue until you own completed your chart. Don’t lose to hinder your effect.

You may insufficiency to direct your page layout and/or margins, to get your chart to fit on one page.