Organizational Behavior- Management Homework

 at meanest 300 expression per question  Please entire the aftercited steps: 1. Go to to captivate the exempt MBTI individuality criterion. Submit your answers to indicate your individuality stamp. 2. Make hush of your individuality stamp (example: ISFP - Adventurer). Review your upshots paying detail watchfulness to the "Career Paths" and "Workplace Habits" sections. 3. Download the Job Descriptive Index (JDI) Questionnaire from Moodle. Review the instructions and entire the superintend on job recompense. 4. Once you've entired the JDI superintend, indicate which facets entertain the first job recompense and the meanest job recompense. PLEASE PROVIDE RESPONSES TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: 1. What is your MBTI individuality stamp? Were the upshots deferential, why or why not?  What are some of the challenges that depend in the workplace as a upshot of differing personalities? 2. What did your scores from the Job Descriptive Index Questionnaire disclose environing your raze of job recompense? Were you surprised that your scores were surpassing in a detail facet and inferior in another facet? What are some things that your structure can do to mend your job recompense in your meanest area?