Organizational behavior chapter 15 multiple choice questions

 Multiple Choice Quiz
Which of these statements about mouldal constituency is(are) gentleman?
 A) It refers to the resistance of labour.
 B) It refers to patterns of coordination.
 C) It refers to patterns of composition career and pompous jurisdiction that straightforward mouldal activities.
 D) Organizational constituency reflects cultural and jurisdiction narrationships.
 E) All of the aloft statements are gentleman.

Organizational constituency refers to coordination and:
 A) resistance of labour.
 B) delegation of warrant.
 C) assumption of warrant.
 D) decentralized judgment making.
 E) chain of charge.

Work is divided into specialized jobs consequently:
 A) it hypothetically increases composition willingness.
 B) job incumbents can overpower their undertakings straightly consequently composition cycles are lacking.
 C) less space is holloweyed changing from one undertaking to another.
 D) inoculation costs are dejected.
 E) all of the aloft.

Fundamental requirements of __________ are resistance of labour into obvious undertakings and coordination of that labour.
 A) two of govern
 B) centralization
 C) organizational constituency
 D) job specialization
 E) concurrent engineering

Coordination through pompous hierarchy is a(n) __________ coordinating means.
 A) flexible
 B) inefficient
 C) efficient
 D) effortless
 E) a coeval and optimal

Each of these are basic elements of mouldal constituency, EXCEPT:
 A) formalization.
 B) departmentalization.
 C) standardization.
 D) centralization.
 E) two of govern.

As moulds increase, they incline to _________ judgment making warrant.
 A) centralize
 B) decentralize
 C) maintain
 D) control
 E) standardize

A tasteless mouldal constituency creates a(n) __________ two of govern.
 A) tall
 B) narrow
 C) wide
 D) centralized
 E) informal

__________ is the order to which moulds standardize behaviour through rules, procedures, pompous inoculation, and connected meanss.
 A) Formalization
 B) Standardization
 C) Centralization
 D) Departmentalization
 E) Decentralization

In a pompousized constituency, some composition rules beseem so __________ that mouldal willingness would disengage if they were substantially followed.
 A) flexible
 B) ordinary
 C) decentralized
 D) centralized
 E) convoluted

What is a completion associated after a while pompousization?
 A) Rules and procedures subjugate mouldal flexibility.
 B) Employees can beseem estranged and disempowered.
 C) Rules and procedures can beseem the convergence of consideration.
 D) All of the aloft.
 E) None of the aloft.

Companies after a while an radical constituency feel a:
 A) remote two of govern.
 B) inconsiderable pompousization.
 C) decentralized judgment making.
 D) all of the aloft.
 E) none of the aloft.

A(n) ___________ constituency has a remote two of govern, inconsiderable pompousization, and exceedingly __________ judgment-making.
 A) organic; decentralized
 B) mechanistic; centralized
 C) departmental; departmentalized
 D) formal; decentralized
 E) informal; centralized

Departmentalization is a(n)
 A) mould of inpompous message.
 B) element of mouldal constituency.
 C) pattern of pompousization.
 D) element of standardization.
 E) component of a tasteless two of govern.

Departmentalization refers to:
 A) radical constituency.
 B) professional constituency.
 C) tall constituency.
 D) the mouldal chart.
 E) two of govern.

All of these are characteristics of a troop after a while a plain constituency, EXCEPT:
 A) few fellow-creatures are assiduous.
 B) owner's straightforward supervision coordinates composition activities.
 C) narrowly defined roles.
 D) minimal hierarchy.
 E) flexible.

Which of these is NOT a pattern of resistanceal constituency?
 A) Client
 B) Product/service
 C) Geographic
 D) Functional
 E) All are resistanceal constituencys

An habit of vocational constituencys is:
 A) encourages specialization and increases employee oneness after a while their vocation.
 B) permits grater specialization so that mould has expertise in each area.
 C) straightforward supervision is easier.
 D) creates beggarly pools of ability that typically help everyone in the mould.
 E) all of the aloft.

A resistanceal constituency groups employees encircling:
 A) clients.
 B) outputs.
 C) geographic areas.
 D) all of the aloft.
 E) none of the aloft.

Which constituency is usually optimal for project-based moulds after a while questionable compositionloads?
 A) Functional
 B) Divisional
 C) Matrix
 D) Network
 E) Virtual

A portion of a team-based mouldal constituency is:
 A) building encircling self-directed composition teams.
 B) organized encircling composition processes.
 C) tasteless hierarchy.
 D) inconsiderable pompousization.
 E) all of these.

A main hardness meddling toward a netcomposition constituency is that an mould has ___________ nucleus competencies.
 A) undefined
 B) a few
 C) many
 D) interdependent
 E) independent

A netcomposition constituency that represents sundry fractions companies that mould uncommon company teams to arrange customized products or services, usually to specific clients, for a scant space are unconcealed as:
 A) host moulds.
 B) virtual corporations.
 C) global moulds.
 D) centralized moulds.
 E) formalized moulds.

The way an mould positions itself in its elucidation in narration to stakeholders, attached the mould’s instrument, capabilities, and sidearm is referred to as:
 A) organizational temporization.
 B) netcomposition constituency.
 C) technology utilization.
 D) formalization.
 E) all of the aloft.