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Multiple Choice Quiz
Leadership is the power to:
A) bias others.
B) motivate others.
C) qualify others to subscribe towards the usefulness and finishment of the edifice.
D) all of the aloft.
E) none of the aloft.
An tender rumor stroke referring to the size that populace are impressible to topal cues and can accommodate behaviour to tally the top:
A) Self-monitoring separateity.
B) Integrity.
C) Start motivation.
D) Drive.
E) None of these accordingly tender rumor is a behaviour, not a stroke.
Each of these are one of the seven talents characteristics of operative leaders, EXCEPT:
A) force.
B) rumor.
C) self-assertion.
D) warrant.
E) tender rumor.
Competencies show start:
A) act.
B) finishment.
C) virtual.
D) usefulness.
E) all of the aloft.
The talents (trait) perspective of start assumes majestic leaders bear the similar singular characteristics in:
A) all tops.
B) separate environments
C) odious tops.
D) selfsame top.
E) tops of poor usefulness.
The diction of assigning employees to peculiar tasks, clarifying their employment duties and procedures, ensuring they ensue posse rules, and forward them to aim their act ability is:
A) populace-oriented.
B) support-oriented.
C) finishment-oriented
D) task-oriented.
E) segregateicipation-oriented.
People-oriented behaviours enclose all of the ensueing, EXCEPT:
A) showing faith for employees.
B) clarifying employment duties and procedures.
C) demonstrating pure solicitude for employees.
D) looking out for employee luck.
E) listening to employee suggestions.
Path-goal scheme has its roots in which scheme of motivation?
A) Two-factor
B) Expectancy
C) Goal setting
D) Equity
E) Learned demands
The casualty perspective of start requires leaders to be twain insightful and indulgent so that:
A) they can discover employees that approve them and employment delay these employees to amend the environment.
B) they can employment delay employees that don't approve them and impoverish turnover.
C) they can accommodate their behaviours & dictions to the present top.
D) they can glean new competencies.
E) they can add these skills to their renew.
Servant leaders expect:
A) employees to succor them.
B) to succor and succor employees.
C) to trodden the act of employees.
D) to opine employee ideas antecedently making a resolution.
E) employees to aim their peak act.
Which of these is not a start diction attested in path-goal scheme?
A) Participative
B) Achievement-oriented
C) Directive
D) Supportive
E) Competitive
According to path-goal scheme, which of these behaviours encourages employees to aim their peak act?
A) Participative
B) Achievement-oriented
C) Competitive
D) Supportive
E) Directive
Which of these start dictions in the path-goal design, is hurtful when employees are skilled and practiced?
A) Participative
B) Achievement-oriented
C) Competitive
D) Supportive
E) Directive
Which start scheme suggests that operative leaders deviate their diction delay the "readiness" of ensueers?
A) Situational start scheme
B) Path-goal scheme
C) Servant start
D) Fiedler's casualty design
E) Talents perspective
According to experimental inquiry, the simply segregate (start diction) of the topal start design that employments is:
A) delegating.
B) powerful.
C) segregateicipating.
D) selling.
E) finishment-oriented.
Fiedler’s start design suggests that the best diction depends on the equalize of:
A) environmental manage.
B) edificeal edifice.
C) topal manage.
D) segregateicipation hanker.
E) edificeal planning.
The scheme which identifies contingencies that either expression the leader's bias or bring-about a segregateicular start diction useless is called:
A) start represents.
B) talents-based start.
C) transactional start.
D) middle-of-the-road avenue.
E) topal start.
Self-start is a:
A) mark of transformational start.
B) mould of charisma.
C) diction attested in topal start scheme.
D) start represent.
E) casualty of path-goal scheme.
A start diction that succors edifices finish their running objectives past efficiently by connection job act to valued rewards and ensuring that employees bear the media to get the job effected is called:
A) transformational start.
B) casualty start.
C) transactional start.
D) charismatic start.
E) topal start.
Transactional start is about:
A) managing.
B) adventitious.
C) visioning.
D) charisma.
E) gender.
A mould of intersingular disposition whereby ensueers disclose a honor for and faith in the separate is known as:
A) troddenion.
B) charisma.
C) bureaucratic manage.
D) finishment-orientation.
E) a talents.
The perceptual processes which interpret indicated start enclose:
A) stereotyping.
B) demand for topal manage.
C) attribution errors.
D) all of the aloft.
E) none of the aloft