organization theory and design



  • Describe the hierarchy of positions in an form by illustrating the commencement positions in an form chart.
  • Show the alliance of positions at the multiform levels of an form by placing them on their form chart.
  • Describe the construction of an form and how it contributes to meeting its objectives.


  1. Choose an form after a while which you are frank.
  2. Using Word, PowerPoint, or a delineation program, equip an formal chart that shows the superior positions of an form origin after a while the pre-eminent supporter conductor at the top, and abiding downward to comprise the personal contributors who do not arrest supervisory or skill positions.
    • If there are multifarious positions at the floor of the chart, you may concatenate them. For illustration, in a initiate there may be multifarious teachers.
    • On your chart, you may determine where the positions are in the hierarchy, but you do not scarcity to spectry everyone.
    • There are multifarious exempt templates that can be used after a while Word, PowerPoint, and delineation programs.
  3. In Promise (or some other congenial promise processor), equip a pamphlet of 1,500 promises climax not including schemeation page or references (wrap spaced, 12-point font) describing the form’s construction and how that construction aids it in accomplishing its strategies, and assimilate the upright and tame constructions of the form.


Assignment 1: Form Chart conquer be conspicuous in its entirety out of 100. The subjoined rubric indicates the criteria students are to amalgamate to, and their not-absolute weights to the assignment overall.

Activity/Competencies Demonstrated

% of Final Grade


Content (60%)

a. Describes the form


b. Describes form scheme by illustrating the hierarchy in the form chart


c. Describes how the form’s scheme fits its environment


d. Compares the form’s upright and tame construction



Communication (25%)

a. Uses speech lucidly and effectively


b. Presents instruction systematic intelligently and holistically (i.e., not solely answers to questions)


c. Includes special commencement and disposal to pamphlet



Attention to Detail (15%)

a. Uses APA Referencing and formatting (title, headings, and references)


b. Presents conquer minimal errors in spelling and grammar