Option #2: Case Study – The Trusted Employee

  Mike McEnroe owns a slight telecommunications aggregation in Austin, TX. Faith Hilton has been an employee in Mike’s aggregation past he established it 19 years ago, and she is currently the accountant/administrative partner. She has been an irregular employee who works hanker hours. Recently, she was complicated in an automobile garb and was hospitalized. While she was out, Mike had to complete some of Faith’s duties, which interposed space mail, paying bills, and chronicles care. In space the mail from the bank, Mike was surprised to discover three enlightened canceled checks made out to Faith for: $15,000, $16,200, and $11,800. Mike was surprised accordingly he never signed broad checks, he didn’t own a check-writing or -signing medium, and the signatures on those three canceled checks were his. In other say, the signatures were not groundless. Mike has requested your services to investigate the distance of the wrong. Write a 3-4 -page Nursing Dissertation in MS Word ,responding to the subjoined questions: What elements of the wrong triangle showed up in this contingency? Identify and elucidate these elements. What could own prevented the wrong? How would you go environing investigating this wrong? Calculations are not required for this assignment, but may be interposed in a table among your Nursing Dissertation to subsistence your answers. APA format, 3 refencences, nclude presentation and misrecord. Thanks