Option #1: human capital plan

Option #1: Ethnical High Plan 

Identify an structure or use your own structure to guile and enunciate a ethnical high and production address classification that conciliate motivate employees, repair ethnical high, and amend structureal production.

Include in your production the aftercited aspects:

  • Provide an structureal profile that grasps mission/vision, and the temporization of the structure.
  • Identify and evaluate present production address classifications.
  • Based on your evaluation, tender a new ethnical high and production intention that grasps, 1) example enunciatement, 2) peculiar and team production intentions, 3) the application of restitution and rewards on motivation, and 4) a production/life counterpoise system.

After doing this, illustrate how your offer conciliate amend the structure’s overall production and acception employees’ fealty and commitment to the structure.

Paper requirements:

  • The tract should be  7 pages in elongation (not counting the appellation or intimation pages, which you must grasp).
  • You must grasp a minimum of five literary sources, appropriately cited and intimationd. You may use readings for the direction, but not the textbook.
  • MUST BE IN APA FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!