Operating System Shell Commands

Textbook: Modern Unoccupied Systems, Chapter 1 (Sections 1.6–1.8)


Write a narrative initiation that conquer equip you to inaugurate the organizational mark needed for your conclusive purpose. In this lab, you conquer too direct the unoccupied scheme concepts you learn encircling in the continuity textbook to the veritable globe.

Windows, Linux, and OS X collect bid succession utilities that ostentation scheme edifice advice as courteous as how the unoccupied scheme is configured to interface after a while hardware. The sight of this lab is to leverage the unoccupied scheme on the computer you are using for this continuity to recital on its edifice.

Execute one of the bids underneath in the bid shell that comes after a while your unoccupied scheme. For sample, if you are using Windows, you conquer run the systeminfo command. Here are the optional bids:

Windows: Enact the bids systeminfo & msinfo32
Linux: Enact the bid cat /proc/cpuinfo
Max OS X: Enact the bid system_profiler SPHardwareDataType

Review the output from a bid overhead and, in your narrative, define the character of processor(s), enumerate of hearts, equality of remembrance, and any feature advice you discover thrilling. For sample, Windows ostentations the installation conclusion and when the scheme was latest booted. Linux ostentations the enumerate of bogomips (unfounded CPU enterprise metric) for each processor or heart. Of featurely concern from a unvarnished perspective, Mac OS X conquer mitigated ostentation an Intel processor running on Apple hardware.

In your narrative, illustrate at smallest one scheme wheedle from the continuity textbook that the unoccupied scheme produced in command to fashion the output you reviewed.

Hint: Each of the bids overhead fashions a new process, so Windows conquer leverage a WIN32 scheme wheedle from Section 1.6.5 and Linux/OS X conquer enact a contrariant of one of the scheme wheedles listed in Figure 1-18.